What is a canadian lifestyle

Canadian lifestyle would do Europe good

Reports were made about the dramatic events in Saxon cities such as Heidenau and Dresden.

(...) This news shakes me deeply, but I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in my opinion, the riots by neo-Nazis against foreigners are also intensifying in Großräschen and Senftenberg. I had known for a long time that there are definitely neo-Nazis in Senftenberg and the surrounding area. This was also shown to me by the increasing graffiti during my school days at the Friedrich-Engels Gymnasium. But since I have been in private contact with a Syrian family, I have felt the xenophobia first hand. In conversations I am told of rioting on the way to the supermarket, cars pushing you off the street and broken window panes.

I wonder how it comes about that older but also increasingly younger people turn so violently against foreign people in need. In my opinion, it's just plain stupidity and a lack of education. I can use slogans like "Foreigners are social parasites!" or "Foreigners are taking our jobs away from us!" no longer hear. On the one hand, foreigners should not accept state financial support because they would then take advantage of the German social system. But when they are ready to work, they take the Germans' jobs away. What now? (...) With the Syrian refugees, we also reach specialists such as doctors or engineers who can be an enrichment for us. I think the first address for sick or injured Senftenbergers or Großräscheners is the Senftenberg emergency room. There, the right-wing rioters are cared for by foreign personnel, among other things, after the brawl. Suddenly the origin doesn't matter anymore. (...) It seems a little strange when you see the biggest Radau brothers sitting at the kebab in the evening. This is what I am told by an eyewitness who walked through the streets of Senftenberg with a Syrian. So it was said "Shit Kanacke!" While enjoying your kebab. I am aware that I do not need to use reason to argue with these rather shallow-thinking fellow citizens. (...) Everyone has the right to a safe life, and as long as we can provide the space for it, we should be people who have seen their homes bombed away, people who have lost family and friends in the war, Welcome people who have struggled to survive! It is clear to me that Germany cannot guarantee asylum for every foreigner. A distinction has to be made between people who come from a country in which one simply can no longer live and between those who come here for economic reasons.

I lived near Vancouver / Canada for four months. This country also has a strict immigration policy. But in the end it is the case that there is actually no such thing as "the Canadian". People from all cultures live peacefully together there and enrich one another. I wonder why this is so difficult not only here but across Europe. With this in mind, I appeal to all fellow citizens who are accessible to reason: Don't look the other way - look! Let's try to bring some Canadian lifestyle to Europe.