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"Movement to protect the Pashtuns"

DW: What are the goals and demands of the PTM?

We demand the release of all so-called "missing persons". (According to human rights activists in Pakistan, Pakistani security forces have killed or disappeared thousands of Pashtuns in the border areas in the past decades on the basis of unproven terrorism allegations - editor's note.) If they are charged with crimes, they must be brought to justice.

Extra-legal killings of Pashtuns must stop. A judicial commission of inquiry should be set up to investigate these killings because we believe they were deliberate and planned. Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud, a Pashtun who was killed in Karachi by police officer Rao Anwar, was also incorrectly referred to as the Taliban. (27-year-old Naqeeb Ullah was a male model in Karachi. He was killed in a shootout with security forces commanded by Rao Anwar in mid-January. Police officer Rao Anwar was arrested on suspicion of murder in late March after massive protests by Pashtuns According to the Pakistani Human Rights Commission, Rao has been involved in 192 missions with 444 deaths in recent years. - Editor's note)

We also demand that the authorities clear the landmines in the Centrally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) on the border with Afghanistan. That the paramilitary forces stop harassing Pashtun families under the pretext of search operations and that the local people no longer have to undergo humiliating procedures at checkpoints

Demonstration in Peshawar in April to release men with alleged militant connections

How did the Pakistani authorities react to your request for the release of the "missing"?

I was told by the secret service to drop this request. But I made it clear to them that they would have to inform us (about the fate of these people) even if they had killed them all. They then told me that they would comply with all requests except those for the release of the "missing" and those related to the extra-legal killings.

People who suddenly "disappear" and extra-legal killings are not unique to the Pashtun tribal areas. Are you planning to work with affected families in other parts of Pakistan to clarify the fate of these people?

I would like to work with everyone involved. It is a national task and we should all work together to eradicate this scourge once and for all.

How is the Pakistani military responsible for the situation?

Pakistani leaders have said themselves on several occasions that it was they who created the mujahedeen and used the Pashtuns to fight in Afghanistan against what was then the USSR. Since then, the tribal areas on the border have served as a safe haven and recruiting space for terrorists. And the Pashtuns are the ones who suffer.

Manzoor Pashteen: I'm not a politician and I don't want to take part in parliamentary elections in the summer

Can your movement also include the Pashtuns in Afghanistan?

Our movement is directed against human rights violations against the Pashtuns. The movement is constitutional, none of our demands conflict with the constitution. When the safe safe havens of the Taliban in Pakistan and especially in the FATA tribal areas no longer exist, and when the Pakistani state has abandoned its policy of differentiating between "good" and "bad" Taliban, the Pashtuns will too to be a tremendous relief for the Afghan side.

Are the Pashtun Protection Movement threatened by the Pakistani authorities?

Some security officers made it clear to me that if I did not stop my activities, I would be "declared a traitor". That's exactly how it happened. You have started a propaganda machine, according to which I work for the secret services of Afghanistan and India. They also threatened to arrest me for "subversive activities". In fact, they have no evidence that Afghanistan is behind me. But I am not afraid, because I have the support of the Pashtuns.

Will your movement last for the months to come? Do you want to take part in the parliamentary elections this July?

We will not compromise and will continue to insist on our demands. We will not stop our peaceful movement until we have reached our goal. But I have nothing to do with the parliamentary elections, I'm not a politician. When we have achieved our goals, I withdraw into private life.