Is it difficult to get an F2 visa

F2 visa documents



thanks for the answers so far. Sorry, it was my mistake to mention irrelevant things. I can't get an H visa because my boyfriend and I marry someone who has an F visa, so that means F2 for me.

I just wanted to know whether, if I ONLY need the marriage certificate for the American embassy (and not for a German registry office), I also need this apostille and a certified copy. I couldn't find any information about this because most people want their marriage recognized in Germany.

And again very briefly on the secondary topic: I love my boyfriend and would like to spend the rest of my life with him. But we're both neither religious (or at least romantic ) nor do we find the institution marriage suitable for us (also has political reasons) or have a close bond with our families, just to want to do it for tradition or the festival.

I can understand why others like to get married and understand the reasons of others (tradition, religion, romance). Just because of the taxes or something, I wouldn't get married either, but in the end, this is about whether we can stay together or not. My boyfriend will stay here for 5 years, a long-distance relationship is rather difficult ..

I hope my question is clearer now.

I thank you!!