What's your experience with motorcycling

Driving fun instead of a motorcycle crash: This is how you are safe on the road

So that you can enjoy motorcycling, we have listed the best tips for driving safety here:

1. Make yourself visible

42 percent of motorcycle accidents caused by motorists are so-called "visual accidents". That means: the driver noticed the motorcycle too late or not at all. With Protective clothing in fluorescent colors, mandatory dipped headlights during the day and daytime running lights make other road users aware of you.

2. Recognize dangerous situation for motorcyclists

Many motorcycle crashes occur at Crossings and junctions - So in places where the right of way often changes. Approach such places carefully and reduce your speed. Rely on yourself Not on your right of way. Also try Make eye contact with other road users

3. Ride the motorcycle proactively and defensively

As mentioned above: Most motorcycle crashes occur because of excessive speed. It is therefore essential to adjust your speed to the current situation - do not race at construction sites, in bends or other blind spots. The following applies: Those who drive with foresight live longer!

4. Make sure all drivers in the group are safe

A motorcycle accident often happens when traveling in a group. The Group dynamics leads to the fact that motorcyclists tend to overestimate themselves here. In addition, older drivers sometimes set a speed that overwhelms less experienced passengers in critical situations.

5. Perfect your driving skills

Regardless of whether you are an experienced motorcyclist and regularly sit on the bike or have just received your two-wheeler: Driving safety training with a motorcycle definitely makes sense. You will learn how to react correctly in dangerous situations. Popular providers of motorcycle driving safety training are, for example, the ADAC and other automobile and two-wheeler clubs.

6. Only a safe motorcycle is a good motorcycle

In contrast to General inspection is the Motorcycle inspection mostly voluntarily. The manufacturer only specifies a time frame during the guarantee period. We recommend the motorcycle inspection even afterwards: it is much more intensive than the general inspection. For example, the specialist workshop not only examines the brake itself, but also its brake fluid.

7. Be prepared for anything

The only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. This well-known saying also applies roughly to road traffic. Therefore, you should be prepared for everything: for example, for overtaking cars on Your trail of the country road. If you are in a column, you have to expect that a vehicle in front of you will suddenly overtake or turn around. Therefore, you should be particularly careful here if you want to pass the column yourself. Also Flashing signals can be interpreted incorrectly - For example, when a car stops on the side of the road and flashes to the left: The driver either wants to merge, or perhaps turn around.