Gray Hat SEO

What is Gray Hat SEO?

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Gray Hat SEO is hard to define. In principle, Gray Hat SEO can be thought of as a mixture of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The practices used tend not to be prohibited, but they are ethically questionable and your excessive use can be punished by Google. Gray hat SEO is therefore much more risky than white hat SEO. This type of SEO is used to quickly rank websites high in the SERPs.

Gray Hat SEO techniques include:

  • High keyword density and nutritional keyword stuffing
  • Spin content
  • Copy content
  • Use of old domains (expired domains)
  • Social media automation
  • Personal Backlink Network (PBN)
  • Influenced reviews
  • buy external backlinks


Why should one know about Gray hat SEO?

Most people don't know the difference between white hat SEO, gray hat SEO, and black hat SEO. So many think that both certain Gray Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques are actually White Hat SEO techniques. For this reason, you use them to optimize your website. After a while, Google will probably penalize your website for, for example, unnatural patterns or link growth. To avoid these penalties, you need to know the difference between White Hat SEO, Gray Hat & Black Hat SEO.


Does Gray Did SEO Help Your Website Ranking?

Of course, using gray hat techniques will help, but if crawlers find that your website is optimized with gray hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques then you can expect a penalty.

Bottom line: Avoid using gray hat SEO and black hat SEO to optimize your website as much as possible. Use the Wide Range of White Hat SEO Techniques to Get Organic Search Results!

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