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Important foreign words

adequateSomething corresponds to the conditions set or is appropriate.ambivalentOne thing that ambiguous or ambiguous appears. But the word can also contradictory mean.anticipateAnyone who can anticipate a thing recognizes something before it has occurred is. For example, sometimes you can anticipate a friend's thoughts.decadentThe word means dissolute or wasteful and beyond what is acceptable. In addition, a society can be decadent. Then one thinks that it places the addiction for pleasure and enjoyment above other virtues and will probably perish as a result.denounceSomeone for base motives Show or publicly condemn negatively.diametricallySomething is another matter exactly opposite. Usually views or opinions are identified with the word. Generally speaking, the term means that there are two views completely different are.discreetSomething will inconspicuous executed or confidential treated, sometimes also means it considerate.ditoIs a confirmation of the foregoing. So it means: Likewise! or me too!.to riotyourself upset, but can also mean that a person becomes hot from something strenuous or exciting.eloquentThe word means eloquent or eloquent.extrovertedSomeone is open minded, open and sociable.optionalThat describes an act voluntary can happen so at your own discretion lies and thus not binding is.fragilefragile or tender.freneticMeans stormy or passionate. For example, applause can be frenetic.homogeneousSomething is created evenly or uniformly.hypochondriacA hypochondriac believes he is physically ill. From a medical point of view, there is no reason for this. In everyday life, the word derogatory is also used to denote a person who complains about their health.impertinentoutrageous or naughty namely provocative and challenging.implyUpscale word for mean or lock in. For example, the utterance of a person can imply and thus contain an extreme worldview and mean it indirectly for the listener.infantileSomeone is childish or stopped at the stage of development of a child.introvertedA person whose behavior directed inwards is. Introverts sometimes feel uncomfortable and appear to be with others locked.cognitiveA thing related to the knowledge, understanding, thinking of a living being. One also speaks of cognitive skills.confiscateconfiscate or something move in.constructiveSomebody takes one conducive, positive attitude or utter something that helps the cause. Thus the behavior, but also a thought, suggestion or idea can be constructive.corpulentSomeone is thick or at least well fed.lamentMeans whine or complain and is used disparagingly.succinctOne thing will short and sweet formulated. The choice of words here is unnecessary and the content is surprising and apt.metaphoricallyA formulation is pictorial and will figuratively used, which is why it is to be interpreted as a metaphor, or it is a matter of shaped by imagery is.narcissisticA person is selfish, is therefore only concerned with your own well-being. The person is in love with yourself and full Self-love.obsoleteOne thing that superfluous, no longer common or also outdated is and therefore obsolete and not necessary anymore is.imposeSomething to someone imposition or impose. For example, you can impose an opinion, lifestyle or punishment. The word new creation is from the foreign wordto impose originated. However, this is pleonastic.pedanticPetty, exaggerated accuracy. A person can be pedantic.per seThe phrase means that something will happen without further ado. Literally it means per se or by itself.phlegmaticA living being that is phlegmatic is sluggish and cumbersome. It can hardly be moved to physical activity.picturesquepicturesque or like painted.polarizeOne thing that Creates opposites, making within a group different camps arise. For example, some parties polarize in order to attract attention and even a single issue can be polarizing.post factualThat means one thing emotionally and therefore mostly irrelevant is. The adjectivein fact means that something is based on facts, something that is post-factual is okay beyond the facts.pragmaticpractical or relevant. Those who act pragmatically work on something solution-oriented.provisionallytemporarily, makeshift and temporarily. A provisional thing, it should not be used for all time, but only represent a temporary solution.redundantThat describes one thing available several times is or yourself repeated, This often means that information is repeated and thus becomes superfluous. For example, a speech can be redundant and therefore boring.resoluteSomeone who is resolute is ready to act and goes determined in front.succeedWho succeeds has success or is recognized. You can as something or with something succeed and therefore be successful.rudimentaryOne thing is incomplete, imperfect or only rudimentary available. In short: it is insufficient.Status quoDescribes the current state of a thing.subtleThe word either means one thing fine, tender or detailed is like a drawing or that is a message subliminal, so barely perceptible, is communicated. Furthermore, a plan can be so subtle that it can only be difficult to get through is. In some texts, however, the word is also used as subtle and astute used.suggestOne thing will implied. Then one person tries to convey something to another person without addressing it openly.successivelyThat means something gradually and only gradually happens. For example, the growth of a tree is a gradual process.trivialSomething is simple, easy or well known. The word can therefore also be used disparagingly. Then mostly works of art, literature or ideas are described as trivial. This then means that these works and ideas average or even flat and easy or show excessively known content.to verifyIf you have to verify something, you have to do something prove or authenticate. Someone who verifies something has to prove the correctness of certain information or facts. For example, you can verify that an email address belongs to you or a claim can be verified by checking.No. 50The fiftieth field is empty. We need your help for that. Do you have a suggestion that should be on the foreign word list? Write us!