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Title:Campus architecture: the architectural history of Oxford and Cambridge compared to Yale and PrincetonOther Titles:Campus architecture. The history of architectural development of Oxford and Cambridge in comparison with Yale and PrincetonLanguage:GermanAuthors:Gsenger, ChristinaQualification level:DiplomaAdvisor:Hunter-Klein, CarolineIssue Date:2012Number of Pages:223Qualification level:DiplomaAbstract:
The aim of the present work is to attempt to define the term campus architecture. With the help of extensive research into the development history of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England, which were founded in the Middle Ages, a comparison with the colleges of Yale and Princeton in America, which were established in the 18th century, is dared. The knowledge gained from this is intended to illustrate whether an overall structural concept can be determined for the construction of the universities.
In the introductory chapter an introduction to the subject of campus architecture is given, which leads with a short excursus into the building typology of the monastery architecture. Another chapter deals with the phases of Gothic in England and the Gothic Revival in America. In the main part, the comparison of the English universities of Oxford and Cambridge manifests itself for the time being in order to trace their architectural development. A subsequent analysis of the structural development phases at Yale and Princeton University reveals the term campus architecture.

This paper is an attempt to define the term 'Campusarchitecture'. The historical and architectural development of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, founded during the Middle Ages in England, will be compared to those of Yale and Princeton, which were established during the 18th century in the United States. The findings will show if there is an architectural concept for building universities. The first part of the essay will explain important terms for this work.
A short description concerning architecture of monasteries will lead to the Gothic Style used during the Middle Ages in England and the interpretation of the Gothic Revival in the United States. The main part of the book deals with the architectural development and a comparison between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. In conclusion the analysis of the conditions of the Universities of Yale and Princeton will define the denotation of 'Campusarchitecture'.
Keywords:University architecture; Development history; Oxford; Cambridge; Yale; Princeton
Campus architecture; History of development; Oxford; Cambridge; Yale; Princeton
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