What motivates people to dress well

#DRNBLBR - Your motivation to get dressed

Are you a #DRNBLBR? Then come with me.

Let's create something unique together.

Something that we can only do as a group.

#DRNBLBR is the essence of what MarathonFitness is all about ...


"Are you a stickler?" - You can't possibly avoid this question if you follow my blog.

It's not for nothing that you find the “stick with it” at the top of the logo. Staying with it is the reason why you read a new article, a new podcast, a new email newsletter every week.

This is what motivates me - my goal:

I will help you look good naked.

Of course, it is also about nutrition and training.

But the best training plan in the world is worthless if you don't follow it. The most effective diet is crap if it locks you in a straitjacket. The most effective fat loss or muscle building program is of no use if you sabotage yourself with your thoughts.

Sticking to it is always the key.

Why are the fitness studios jam-packed in January and relatively empty again by the end of February? Why is this game repeated every year?

Most counselors teach fitness diets or training plans. But for most people, that's not the issue. Anyone who starts off with good intentions in January, which will be history again by the end of February, usually does not have a knowledge deficit - but an implementation deficit.

Knowledge alone does not motivate you to stick with it.

Motivate dreams. Motivate desires. Motivate goals. And then when they inspire you.

Motivate success. And to be successful means to allow mistakes. Accept and plan for setbacks. And knowing: you are not alone.

The best naked-good-looking diet is the one you stick to. A mediocre training plan that you stick to is far more effective than a perfect plan that you abandon.

That is why we call ourselves sticking to it.

What is a #DRNBLBR?

If you read the newsletter or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will hardly have missed: #DRNBLBR. What does the symbol stand for?

It is our distinguishing feature. Our identity. It is what motivates you. What you are: a stickler.

This gave rise to the idea for something bigger than just one thing: How about if you could attract motivation - whenever you need it ...?

Watch this video.

The #DRNBLBR shirt not only symbolizes that you are part of a movement of people who feel:

There is still something going on!

It is a sign of your goal. A goal that becomes a part of yourself - like a second skin.

We need your support so that our idea - a shirt from those who stay tuned for #DRNBLBR - becomes a reality.

Support us: Be a #DRNBLBR

You can now get the #DRNBLBR shirt pre-order here. There are three conditions:

  1. Crowdfunding. The #DRNBLBR shirt is a project by those who stay tuned for those who stay tuned. In order for us to be able to produce at all, we have to jointly achieve the specified funding target.
  2. Order by February 24th. The action is limited in time. Those who have not ordered by February 24th, 11:59 pm will unfortunately receive nothing.
  3. Unique. This is a one-time promotion. The #DRNBLBR shirt will not be available again in this form.

Are you in? Then click here and take part!

I am absolutely sure:

You will love your #DRNBLBR shirt.

Because it is a casual, comfortable and natural way to proudly show what you are: a #DRNBLBR.

It always reminds you of your goal when you need a tailwind.

It gives you that feeling of strength, confidence, certainty and courage that you need to stick with it.

Incidentally, this project is - in terms of idea, development and implementation - the result of passionate teamwork.

In addition to me, the core team consists of three other keepers. And of course our entire community, which, for example, decided on the final design a good two weeks ago.

All further information about the #DRNBLBR shirt, our team and how it helps you to create your body properly can be found here on our StartNext page.

The gates are from now until February 24th. open: Order your #DRNBLBR shirt.

Take part. Support us. Be a #DRNBLBR!

Sporty greetings

P.S. You have questions about #DRNBLBR - Your motivation to get dressed? Then write a comment! Today, for once, not here in the blog, but directly on our project page.

Update (02.25.2016)

Tonight our crowdfunding campaign for the #DRNBLBR sweatshirts came to an end, and the result knocked our (workout) socks off: We received exactly 333 pre-orders - if that's not a lucky number - and thus the original funding target exceeded almost 50%!

I am particularly touched that some of the people who stayed at it even supported us with a purely monetary donation.

It doesn't matter whether you have ordered, donated or otherwise supported us with a #DRNBLBR sweatshirt yourself, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your new favorite shirt will always remind you of what you are when you wear it, touch it or look at it: a stick with it.

This is how it works now:

  • Within the next 2 weeks we will receive the complete list of all orders from StartNext.
  • As soon as we have received this list, we will have your shirt custom-made for you.
  • We personally pack every single shirt here in Hamburg and then send it for you.

It will take another 8 weeks until you can receive your #DRNBLBR sweatshirt.

Sporty (and grateful) greetings
Your Mark with Jörg, Maren and Robert

P.P.S. I will invite all supporters of this project to a private email list within the next 14 days. You will receive an invitation email from me, which you simply confirm. So you won't miss any news about your #DRNBLBR shirt.

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