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The 10 largest cities in the USA

Gigantic skyscrapers, 12-lane highways, urban areas that are three times the size of entire German federal states and have almost as many inhabitants as all of Austria - in the USA everything is bigger, higher, further! So if you are going overseas for your next vacation and you feel like experiencing the real US big city feeling up close, then read on here - because we have found the 10 largest cities in the United States for you!

1. New York City, New York

Population: approx. 8,398,748 people

Area: 1,213.37 km²

New York, New York - the Big Apple on the US east coast is not only one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States, but also the largest city in the entire United States in terms of population. Almost 8.5 million people live and work in New York's five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. In New York there is not only a lot of people and a lot of space, but also a lot to see - on Staten Island off the coast of New York, for example, you will find the largest landmark in the USA: the huge Statue of Liberty, which the Americans also lovingly call “Lady Liberty ”and which you should definitely visit yourself while on vacation in the city. Other must-dos in New York City: strolling in Central Park, shopping in Rockefeller Center, going to the theater on Broadway, a short detour to Times Square and a trip over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, which connects the borough of the same name with Manhattan.

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2. Los Angeles, California

Population: approx. 3,990,456 people

Area: 1,302.15 km²

The city of stars and starlets on the southern US west coast is also at the top of the list of the largest cities in the USA: Los Angeles has "only" around four million inhabitants, but these are spread over 1,300 km² and thus one even larger area than New York City encloses. The result: extensive streets and highways with up to twelve lanes, expansive properties and more space than you have ever seen as a European in urban areas. Because Los Angeles is so huge, you should definitely plan a few days of vacation here and subdivide your must-sees according to urban areas, for example to get from the famous Malibu Beach to Beverly Hills or from the iconic Hollywood sign to the wonderful Long Beach you need a while. The long journeys are worthwhile, however, because Los Angeles exudes an atmosphere that you will probably not find anywhere else in the world - and on top of that, you can experience up close how the VIPs of the film, TV and music industry do their everyday life or go on a journey into fictional worlds in a bombastic amusement park.

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3. Chicago, Illinois

Population: approx. 2,705,994 people

Area: 606 km²

Especially in terms of area, it is already much smaller than New York and Los Angeles, but the next place in our top 10 largest cities in the USA is still huge: Chicago in the US state of Illinois. The fantastic city on the shores of Lake Michigan has a population of around 2.7 million, almost 1.5 times the size of Hamburg in just three quarters of the area of ​​the Hanseatic city. In order to accommodate so many people, in Chicago - as in most other large cities in the USA - one relies on impressive skyscrapers, so that the place simply grows in height instead of in width. The largest of these huge skyscrapers in Chicago is the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) with its full 110 floors. As a visitor, you can at least drive up to the 103rd floor and from there enjoy the breathtaking view of the region including the lake on the so-called Skydeck - from a height of 412.4 meters and, if you wish, from glass boxes with a transparent floor. A head for heights is a must here ...

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4. Houston, Texas

Population: approx. 2,328,419 people

Area: 1,623.92 km²

From the densely populated Chicago it goes now to a city in which the exact opposite prevails: Houston in Texas. Houston is not only the largest city in the US state, but also the fourth largest in the entire United States - at least if you go by the population. In terms of area, Houston is actually the largest city on our list with its full 1,623.92 km² and is only behind Anchorage in Alaska and Jacksonville in Florida in the entire United States. Houston is known for its space center, in which the work of NASA and its astronauts is presented in an exciting way, but also for its beautiful architecture from the 19th century, which you can marvel at in the historic downtown district. If you are on holiday here and feel like going on excursions, you can also quickly reach Austin or San Antonio in the west or New Orleans in the east from Houston.

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5. Phoenix, Arizona

Population: approx. 1,660,272 people

Area: 1,343.94 km²

The federal capital of Arizona is even more sprawling than Houston: Phoenix. In the eternally summery city, a total of almost 1.7 million people live on over 1,300 km². Phoenix is ​​located in the so-called Valley of the Sun and is surrounded by impressive desert landscapes, which you can marvel at during tours into the surrounding area. A very special natural attraction that you definitely shouldn't miss are the stone arches of Arizona that look like something out of a fantasy film. But there is also something exciting to discover in Phoenix itself: In the Desert Botanical Garden, for example, you can marvel at the region's resilient and adaptable desert vegetation - including huge cacti - while you relax after all the excursions into nature in the numerous spas of Phoenix can be pampered, only to plunge into the exciting nightlife of the city in the evening. And if you also want to get a taste of the culture and history of Arizona, you can learn a lot about the indigenous people of the state in The Heard Museum or in the Pueblo Grande Museum & Archaeological Park.

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6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Population: approx. 1,584,138 people

Area: 369.59 km²

We continue to Philadelphia, the sixth largest city in the United States by population and one of the handful of places in the United States that is of very special importance for its history: After all, this is where the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain was once signed and thus the foundation stone of today's America was laid. Today around 1.6 million people live in Philadelphia in an area of ​​almost 370 km². Even if the city is on the small side compared to many other places on this list, there are still plenty of exciting sights to see there, which of course largely testify to the rich history of the city - including the Liberty Bell, which the US has - to represent American freedom, or the Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were once signed. Aside from this dramatic event, you will also find many other exciting museums here, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art dedicated to art, the Eastern State Penitentiary, a former prison that can be visited today, or the Franklin Institute, an interactive museum with Focus on science.

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7. San Antonio, Texas

Population: approx. 1,532,233 people

Area: 1,205.4 km²

Number 7 on our list of the largest cities in the USA takes us back to Texas, this time to the city of San Antonio in the southern state. Just over 1.5 million people live here on around 1,200 km², which means that this Texan city is anything but densely populated - and like the previous city in our Top 10, San Antonio is also marked by the struggle for independence; However, this was once about independence from Mexico. The Fort Alamo, which served as the central location for the independence struggle between Texas and Mexico in 1836, can still be visited there today - and the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park also offers plenty of exciting information about the rich history of the city and all of Texas' Experienced. A completely different attraction in the vicinity is the famous Six Flags Fiesta Texas amusement park, where you can get fun adrenaline rushes, and those who want to go on excursions into nature on vacation can visit the impressive Natural Bridge Caverns or the wonderful Botanical Gardens and the city's Japanese Tea Garden.

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8. San Diego, California

Population: approx. 1,425,976 people

Area: 964.5 km²

The home of the famous San Diego Comic Con ranks 8th among the largest cities in the United States - with that number during the annual event where celebrities from the TV, film, comic, literary and gaming scenes hold exciting panels and all Fans like that meet for a few days pure nerd existence - again by a whole lot. Aside from the well-groomed nerdism, there is also plenty to discover here: The beautiful port city is considered the birthplace of California - this is where the region's first permanent Spanish settlement was built - and as such offers many interesting museums and exhibitions on local history, but also numerous exhibitions on other topics as well as loads of art galleries. And for a little relaxation in the green, you can visit Balboa Park here or encounter wild animals in the San Diego Safari Zoo.

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9. Dallas, Texas

Population: approx. 1,345,047 people

Area: 999.3 km²

And a third time in this top 10 of the largest cities in the USA it goes back to the US state of Texas, namely to Dallas. The city has around 1.35 million inhabitants and covers an area of ​​almost 1,000 km², which makes it only around a third as densely populated with an area that is almost the same as Berlin. History buffs will know that Dallas was once the site of a particularly grim event in American political history, as it was here that then-US President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in 1963. Nowadays, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is located here, which you should definitely see when you visit here. Dallas is also known for its wonderful green spaces, for example the Dallas Arboretum with its botanical gardens or the Klyde Warren Park with regular events. By 2012, the city is also to have another beautiful recreational area: the Trinity River Park on the banks of the city river in Dallas. And if you want to see the great region from above, pay a visit to the Reunion Tower with its viewing platform and enjoy 360-degree views over Dallas and its surroundings.

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10. San Jose, California

Population: approx. 1,030,119 people

Area: 467.55 km²

The last place in our list of the largest cities in the USA moves between history and modernity, sober technology and weird bizarreness: San José in the middle of California's Silicon Valley. As the center of US technology development, there are of course numerous museums dedicated to the sciences; But San José is also known for its wonderful buildings from the Spanish colonial era and has a lot to see for architecture lovers. An absolute highlight of San José is the Winchester Mystery House, a crazy Victorian villa with numerous secret passages.

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The population figures for the individual US states are based on official projections.