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One-off and custom-made products according to your wishes

If you have a special jewelry wish and get one unique piece of jewelry would like to have made, then you have come to the right place.

SKIELKA DESIGNSCHMUCK produces a unique piece of jewelry according to your wishes, which is made especially for you.

Series jewelry in small editions of 100 or more is no problem either.

Let us know your idea and we will make you a free, non-binding offer.

For more information or to get an individual offer, please contact us at
[email protected]

A one-off production by a goldsmith is not comparable to pieces of jewelery from series production.

  • Our laser engravings with motifs, logos and photos on silver pendants start at 165 euros (Complete price, including silver pendant).
  • Cut-out / laser-cut logos and motifs are between 350 and 400 euros, depending on the effort and quality of the template.
  • Plastic and 3-D motifs, which are created with the help of CAD / CAM, are very complex and start at approx. 500 euro. 

Please let us know your budget for your desired production, then we can tell you whether a realization is possible within this framework.

On the subject of stainless steel / brass:Stainless steel or brass usually only makes sense for mass production from the Far East. The materials are just too hard for a goldsmith to work with. We don't have any tools for that.
The "cheapest" material for a production according to customer requirements is 925 sterling silver.

Here you will find examples of our custom-made products for customers:


Custom-made silver pendants sawed out / lasered


Custom-made silver pendantssawn out / lasered out


Photo of the customer's dog             Photo engraving on a silver pendant

At this link you can find further examples of custom-made photo-engraved pendants.


raised engraving like on a coin presentation of the customer

At this link you will find further examples of custom-made motif pendants.

You can find more rings that have been made at this link.

At this link you will find inspiration for CAD production.

 ... "we would like our wedding rings in black with gold"

That was the challenge with this order from two very nice customers. With the resulting pieces of jewelry
750 yellow gold and 925 sterling silver were fused together. The silver has been blackened.
As a special highlight, we have also processed black diamonds. The wedding rings were a complete success!

 ... "I would have liked to work my wife's gold wedding ring into a silver ring"

We have divided the gold ring into segments and integrated them into the surface of the silver ring.
In addition, a diamond was set and the ring was engraved with an inscription on the inside.

... "my wife has a costume jewelery bracelet. Can you make it in gold as a necklace?"

That was the request from a customer. After clarifying the budget, we made a sketch of the piece of jewelery for the design, which the customer liked very much.
The necklace was then made of 585 yellow gold with white sapphires.


... Mr. L. wanted to have an oval pendant made with his own motif as a present for his mother ...

He provided us with his motif as a file for the engraving of the front side (pattern in red).
A saying should be engraved on the back of the trailer.

Our oval silver pendant (27.5x37 mm) with a diamond-coated edge and eyelet was chosen as the basis.
The customer's motif was engraved on the polished front side by laser.
We then applied the text to the matted back.
Both engravings have been blackened for better visibility.


A "deep engraving" is optically more impressive. The motif is also laid out with colored ceramics (color as desired).
Here are some examples that we have already made for customers:


The front of the following pendant was created with a deep engraving and ceramic design, the back is normally engraved and then blackened.
The silver pendant does not come from our standard collection, but was made in the desired size (3 centimeters in diameter).


Motif for front motif for back

In the following deep engraving including ceramic design, everything that is "red" should be engraved out.
In the same way it would have been possible to engrave out the red portion so that the characters then come out in black:



We also offer engravings on cufflinks made of 925 sterling silver.


... creation of pendants made of gold and silver according to the customer's logo ...

Here, the 3-D file of a trailer is "modeled" according to the customer's logo using a CAD program:



In consultation with the customer, the image is verified until everything fits perfectly.

The finished file can be used to render a true-to-original image.

A silicone mold is created by printing out a 3-D printer.

With the help of these waxes can now be produced, from which the pendants are cast in gold (or silver).

The resulting blanks must finally be reworked by hand (overcasting, polishing, matting, making and assembling eyelets).


These pieces of jewelry were also created with the help of CAD.

... make a gold pendant from the photo of my Carthusian cat ...

That was the wish of Ms. H. from Mönchengladbach - and this is the photo of your cat:

With the help of a CAD computer program, the cat's head was modeled in a laborious process. Here you can see an intermediate step:

Then the model was plotted in wax with a 3-D printer and the blank made of 585 yellow gold was created from the wax model using the centrifugal casting process.

The fur and facial expressions were then reworked in elaborate manual engraving. Finally, a loop was soldered on so that the customer can wear her new piece of jewelry on the chain.


... a cross from my old chain, matching the ring that I already have from you ...

Mrs. H. brought me an old gold chain from her deceased mother, a white gold pendant with rhodolite and earrings with diamonds. From these parts she wanted a cross like the nugget ring that she already had from me. The gemstones should be processed as well as possible. In the massive "nugget cross" made by us, the rhodolite is set in the middle. There are two brilliant-cut diamonds in each of the four legs. Two sleeves are integrated in the highly polished eyelet so that the cross can also be worn with chains that have the bayonet system.

Ms. H. is very enthusiastic about this piece of jewelery!

... what do I do with my 6 diamonds?

Ms. B. from Pulheim still owned 6 diamonds from her old gold. Since she no longer wanted to wear gold jewelry, I suggested that she put the stones in a silver ring. As an engraving motif, she wanted a star with the diamonds set in the tips. The silver ring is 11 millimeters wide and 3 millimeters thick. The surface is polished to a high gloss and rhodium-plated.

... an extraordinary signet ring ...

My regular customer Ms. D. from Hanover has a family coat of arms, which she wanted me to put into an extraordinary signet ring. She wanted to see the coat of arms the right way round and at the same time be able to seal it with it (it must be mirrored for this). We made a plate out of solid gold. The original seal was engraved on one side and the mirror image on the other. Held by two pins, this plate can be rotated. An optimal solution!


Find out more about our signet ring program here.



... I want a big ring for my little finger!

Ms. F. from Berlin came to me with the above request and with a bag containing various pieces of jewelry that she wanted to have used for it. I melted things down; Stones that were worthwhile were set beforehand and returned for later production. Even after deducting 20 percent for the purification of the gold, for the loss of melting and the processing, there was still enough material left to manufacture the new ring from it. Ms. F. chose a beautiful heart cut fire opal from my stone collection, which she wanted to have set in the ring. You can see the result below: thanks to the indentation on one side, the ring sits perfectly on the ring finger.




Multi-stone bracelet

Ms. J. from Frankfurt approached me with an extraordinary silver ring to which movable gold frames with precious stones are attached. She had been looking for a suitable bracelet for a long time. The gemstones processed in it should be as multicolored as possible and contain different cut shapes. She also wanted to be able to combine the bracelet with other colored gemstone jewelry.
We made a solid silver ring with a hinge to open and a safety lock. Then I selected the right gemstones: garnet, aquamarine, citrine, peridot, rutile quartz and tourmaline. The settings were made of 585 yellow gold and fitted with an eyelet at the bottom. To give the frames a little more stability, we have divided the wire that runs around the bracelet into 4 segments. The gemstones with their settings were then attached to it.
A timeless dream piece of jewelry!





tie clip

Production of a tie pin for Mr. Thomas Lamprecht
"Hofbarbier" in Cologne

Mr. Lamprecht approached me with the request to have a needle made of white gold with diamonds. The illustration from a book with antique jewelry should serve as a template.

We made the basic motif from 750 palladium white gold (called "barrel white gold" in professional circles). It contains 32 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.01 carat each) of the "Top Wesselton VSI" quality. The "blending technique" was used. The diamonds are so small that they are held in place by "grains" placed on the left and right. The material all around was then "blended" (similar to carving). The crown was placed on top. The needle is made of a different white gold alloy for better stability (so that it cannot bend so quickly). We then rhodium-plated the entire piece to get an optimal color. Mr. Lamprecht was very satisfied with our work and the price-performance ratio, and we immediately discussed another production of matching cufflinks and a ring.




... I would like something like No.R 039 but different ...

For Mr. B. from Mülheim we made a "rotating ring" made of 925 silver in size 69 to measure. It was based on our R 039 model (no longer in the range). However, no gemstones should be processed, but the inner rotating part should be hammered and the outer edge polished. He wanted the ring to be 12 millimeters wide. The ring was finished within 14 days and Mr. Böhmer was very satisfied.



... silver with freshwater pearls, made according to costume jewelery patterns

Ms. L. from Wesel sent me a wire ring for your daughter with glass beads. She found the design beautiful and imagined something similar made of 925 silver with freshwater pearls. You can see the finished model in the photo. So that the ring does not appear too filigree, we have placed movable silver sleeves between the pearls.


... a lapis lazuli instead of the processed zirconia.

Ms. S. from Cologne approached me with this request for my R 225 model. A lapis in the appropriate size was cut by us and inserted into the ring.




... there were a few pearls left

Mr. Tauber from Cologne had given his wife a pearl necklace. This was shortened and a few pearls remained, from which he wanted a matching ring made of 585 white gold. The difficulty was that the pearls were pierced all the way through and we couldn't easily enclose them. You would always have seen a hole. You can see the finished model in the photo. The pearls run freely on a pin between the ring band.



... a signet ring for the corporate identity

The PULSE company has a loudspeaker as its company symbol. The employees wanted a signet ring made of 925 silver as a "company ring" for the corporate identity. We cut lapis lazuli into the shape of this symbol and let it be placed in the top of the signet ring. The ring was matted at the end.



R 116 in solid gold ...

Ms. Schwarzenau from Berlin wanted my ring model R 116 made in solid gold.
I made the following suggestions:
585 gold with zirconia stone
585 gold with diamonds (Top Wesselton vsi)
750 gold with zirconia stones
750 gold with brilliant.
She decided on the cheapest version and is still enjoying it.



Solid white and yellow gold ring with garnet

Ms. S. from Meerbusch has always dreamed of a ring made of solid white and yellow gold with garnet. I made this dream come true for her and you can see the result in the photo. The stone is only set on two sides, so it gets a lot of light and has a beautiful brilliance. Mrs. Spinnrad was so enthusiastic that she immediately ordered the matching earrings.




... a catfish made of solid 585 gold ...

For Mr. Andreas W. from Driedorf, an enthusiastic fishing enthusiast, we modeled a catfish from solid 585 gold. The fish is partially matted and the indentations, which are polished inside, result in a really unique surface effect.
The pendant measures 5.5 centimeters in length including the eyelet and weighs approx. 11.5 grams.

We would be happy to make this piece of jewelry for you too.



... sent me a cardboard template ...

Ms. Kleindienst was looking for a diver as a key ring in 925 silver and sent me a cardboard template that she had cut out in the shape of the desired piece of jewelry. We manufactured the key fob with a material thickness of 2 millimeters. The piece was 100 x 50 millimeters in size and weighs 52.5 grams.



... let's exchange the noble topaz ...

These partnership rings consist of a basic model that is already in my program (R 015, width above 5 mm) and a production (width above 6 mm). In the basic model, we exchanged the noble topaz for a white zirconia stone. The 2nd ring was made from scratch according to the design, but without a stone. Material: 925 silver (sterling quality). Width: approx. 5 millimeters. So we were able to offer the customer an inexpensive solution.


... selected your favorites ...

For Mr. and Mrs. Boes we made this ring out of 750 yellow gold on request. You have chosen your favorites in advance from a selection of 6 top red tourmalines that I had presented to you to choose from. The ring weighs 5.8 grams, the stone is cut in a navette shape. The ring band is matted.




... extraordinary rings in 585 white gold ...

For Mr. Zimmer we made extraordinary wedding rings in 585 white gold: The surfaces are roughly hammered and then polished to a high gloss. The ring for "him" is 6 millimeters wide and weighs 11.5 grams; the ring for "you" is 4 millimeters wide and 5.4 grams.




... should be connected to each other in a curved shape.

For Ms. Küchler and her partner we made 2 pendants with initials. The first letters of the two first names "M" and "S" should be connected in a curved shape. A blue gemstone should be set at a connection point. As you can see, we created two pieces of jewelery with the same design, but which were slightly different. Mrs. Küchler was enthusiastic.



Ms. Müller fell in love with a ring from my collection ...

Mr. and Mrs. Müller from Lohmar came to me with their white gold necklace with 9 diamonds. Ms. Müller had fallen in love with a ring from my collection and now wanted to know whether I could make the model from her necklace in white gold and then integrate the diamonds.

You can see what came out of this wonderful piece of jewelry. Mrs. Müller gave me about 21 grams of gold through her chain. The finished ring weighs 42 grams! For the work (a good 7 hours including setting the diamonds) and the gold I added, it came to a final price of almost 1000 euros, with which Ms. Müller was very satisfied (that was a few years ago).



... had brought a Padparadscha heart.

Mr. B. from Düsseldorf had brought back a wonderful Padparadscha heart from his vacation. He wanted to give this to his wife and asked me to make a simple gold ring for it. The result was a narrow gold ring with a claw setting, through which the stone gets a lot of light and thus has a wonderful brilliance.


A product made from your old gold and your precious stones? For example like this:

Do you own gold jewelry that you no longer wear?
Have you inherited gold jewelry and it's just lying around?
Whether rings, bracelets, watches: we make great things from them for you and also use the precious stones from your old pieces of jewelry.

This is only a small selection of the productions that I have already been able to carry out for customers.

Do you have an idea? Would you like information or a cost estimate for a production?

Contact me and I will be happy to advise you without obligation.

Tel. 0211 - 875 109 65

Email: [email protected]