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In our survey in November 2017, we wanted to know what makes a good teacher. 1,530 teachers took part and answered six questions.

They always had to choose one of five statements. Even if you considered all statements to be correct or important, you should choose the ones that seemed most important to you personally. And this is the result:

1. A good teacher is prepared and structured.

When it comes to the question of what the lessons of a good teacher look like, opinions differ: However, 31 percent of teachers are convinced that a good teacher is prepared for every lesson and carries it out in a structured manner. Your students always know what to do and what they are doing it for. In contrast, only nine percent are of the opinion that a good teacher always manages to entertain their students and that they therefore like to come to class.

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2. A good teacher knows when to react with severity or with humor.

How do teachers think about how to deal with a disruption in the classroom? Only one percent think that a good teacher cannot be disturbed by a disturbance and simply ignores it. Most of the participants (78 percent), on the other hand, are convinced that, as a good teacher, you always know when to react to a teaching disruption with severity and when with humor.

3. A good teacher is someone they trust.

The next question can certainly be discussed in detail: “What is the relationship between a good teacher and their students?” Only three percent of those questioned find a strict and sometimes authoritarian demeanor important in order to maintain a professional distance through which the students themselves and students then feel taken seriously. Most of the votes (36 percent) received the statement: “A good teacher takes the needs of their students seriously. She is a confidante that pupils can turn to with private problems. ”At 30 percent, however, the statement is that a good teacher always makes sure that no pupil is afraid of her during the lesson and can turn to her at any time with questions and comments, just behind.

4. A good teacher always communicates clearly and precisely.

Verbal or non-verbal - correct communication is essential when teaching or conveying information. So how does a good teacher communicate? Very few participants (four percent) decided in favor of the statements that a good teacher always communicates on an equal footing and never communicates in an instructive manner. 43 percent consider it very important that a teacher communicates clearly both verbally and non-verbally at all times.

5. A good teacher questions himself and gets feedback.

“A good teacher continuously educates himself and asks colleagues for feedback on teaching concepts and results.” Four percent of the teachers surveyed think this point is the most important. However, 36 percent, and thus most of them, are convinced that a good teacher regularly gets feedback from the students instead of from the teaching staff. In addition, she is constantly questioning herself.

6. A good teacher is empathic.

In the last question, we wanted to know from all survey participants which qualities a good teacher must have. Here only six percent find self-confidence and eight percent honesty the most important. 24 percent voted for justice. Most of the votes received engagement (31 percent) and empathy (35 percent).

Conclusion: If you summarize all the statements with the most votes, a good teacher is always prepared and structured and knows in every situation whether he or she should react with rigor or humor. However, he or she also regularly questions himself and asks the students for feedback. In addition, a good teacher always communicates clearly, is empathetic and is perceived by the students as a person of trust, to whom they can also turn with private problems.

Do you have a completely different opinion or do you particularly agree with one point? Then write us a comment.

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