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Up and away

ABOUT THE CONTENT: Sometimes the goal is different than you think. Who wouldn't want to just disappear? Jump on the next bus and leave everything behind? That's exactly what sixteen-year-old Mim Malone does. It is enough for her to always do what her father and his new wife think is right. She wants to know why her mom disappeared from her life. And her thoughts should finally stop driving the carousel in her head. So she just gets on the greyhound bus and runs off to see her mom. While the landscape flies by outside, Mim makes some unforgettable acquaintances - the wonderful Arlene, the creepy poncho man and the extremely attractive Beck, whom she is about to lose her heart to ... But then a tragic accident changes everything from one moment to the next. And Mim has to face the really crucial questions in her life. MY OPINION: I was very interested in the subject of this book, it's about a road-tip book and I think it's great and I had very much hoped that this book would also fit in there. I think the cover is done quite nicely, but I don't know whether it would have spoken to me in the bookstore or whether it would have caught my attention, because I find it a little inconspicuous. Unfortunately, this also applies to the content, which is nothing special. It's a good story in itself, but it took me forever to even get in, then these letters confused me, why they were there is still not so clear to me, because without it it would have worked, I would have even found that better, because it just stopped me in my reading flow. In addition, I found it difficult to read here, not really much happens, I always had the feeling that I was on the brakes and not making progress, I always thought I couldn't get anything out of the book and I didn't feel like I really wanted to read it, I could put it aside and then I had to pull myself up to pick it up again. And that shouldn't be the case with a book, it should be difficult to put it down, but I had no problems with that because it just didn't move and picked me up. And I didn't get the feeling of a road trip book, where you would like to pack your things and also want to get out there and see something of the world. Unfortunately, not a book at all for me. 2/5 stars