Who had the hardest blow

Strongest clout in the world - top list

Boxing and other martial arts have always fascinated people and often inspire the masses. There are many rumors about who has the strongest clout in the world and there are always new discussions.

1. Rocky Marciano - the legend

Rocky Marciano's clout has never been measured. But it is known: His punch was incredibly hard, which is why he is definitely counted among the boxer's elite. However, since training has improved since then due to new knowledge in the field of sport, it is assumed that boxers from modern times hit harder - but that is not certain. So it remains a myth.

2. Klitschko - the iron fist

Vitali Klitschko has never been on the ground in his previous one and is known for his iron skull and iron fist. This is also popular because of its enormous impact power. At around 430 kg, this is also immense and, if hit appropriately, definitely causes a concussion in the opponent. But that's not enough to have the strongest and hardest punch in the world.

3. Who has the strongest clout in the world?

Mike Tyson was very quickly known for his unbelievable clout and therefore had the formative nickname "Iron Mike" after a short time. A measurement revealed that the multiple boxing champion can muster up to 590 kg of punch. According to reports from the Hamburger Morgenpost, however, he is trumped by Wladimir Klitschko - this is supposed to manage up to 700 kg and thus has the hardest punch in the world.

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