Why is it bad to live in the past

Why your bad past is a gift

In growing up as a teenager, I cursed myself and my life. I was pissed off that my life sucks and that I can't see any meaning in this life. Read more about the gifts dark experiences of a bad past have in store for you and how you can benefit from them in this article.

During my bad past, I have wished for parents to be there for me. I mean really are there, not just physically but really present, with your full attention.

I wish for love, cohesion and security, as well as support on my way into life and trust.

Since I missed all of that and it didn't look like it was going to fly to me now, I made my own way towards the light at some point.

Bit by bit, I took responsibility for my life instead of judging others and wallowing in my suffering.

After actively embarking on this path of self-knowledge and self-realization, my life also changed.

My life is more loving today because I have started to love myself more.

I trust life more because I trust myself and get in touch with life.

And I am in a field of wonderful people in which I receive security and support, because today I go my own way and thus attract like-minded people.

From today's perspective, I can't imagine a more meaningful life.

Everything that has happened makes sense to me from today's perspective - as dark, terrible or hopeless as some experiences from the “bad” past may be.

The meaning of a bad past

If I had not experienced the lack of love, I would not appreciate the existence of love today.

Apart from the fact that today I know how every person can get out of the illusionary feeling of not being loved and enter love.

Life was and is my school. I love to learn from life and to align it more and more with my heart.

The fact that I am able to support people in their self-realization today is solely due to the dark times in my life: the strokes of fate, trauma and streaks of bad luck.

It sounds strange, but I can even feel grateful for it.

And that is an essential key to the solution.

What you fight becomes more.

What you accept with love, let it be there and perceive with consciousness, changes by itself.

If you judge or pity yourself for yourself and your life, it is an act of non-love and you will experience nothing but judgment and pity.

If you thank yourself for yourself and your life and accept it, it is an act of love and you will reap more and more love and acceptance.

However, for that to happen, all past feelings must be felt. Only when the pain is “felt” is your heart open to love unconditionally.

The "bad times" in life are the greatest teachers.

If they weren't there, there wouldn't be any great challenges in life.

Because at the core of life it is about our consciousness gaining experience, learning from it and expanding.

That is all that life or your soul cares about.

Experience, feel, recognize, grow.

And that's exactly why you get the life situations that you need for your next development step.

So it's all very simple in principle.

The upshot of a bad past

So be happy about your "shitty childhood" and recognize the hidden gift in it.

Make friends with the thought that your soul here in this human life only longs for new emotional experiences.

She doesn't know “good” and “bad” because these are just interpretations of the ego.

Every experience is valuable and holds infinite possibilities for new knowledge.

Until you have learned your lesson nothing will change, because life is only interested in your growth.

Learn to see yourself in everything. Learn to accept and love. Especially the feelings that you don't want to feel right now. As terrible as they seem, today you are an adult and very capable of feeling them (This is how you deal with feelings).

Don't run away from your feelings. Face them, let go and feel them through. Only then can they walk again.

That is the key to change.

That is the light that illuminates the dark room.

Realize that a small candle is enough to light up a large, dark room.

The flame of the candle is the source of light, while darkness has no source.

From this example we can see that light is always stronger than darkness.

Light is the deeper truth and the same as love and awareness.

While darkness is just the absence of light or love or awareness.

So darkness is illusion and truth is love.

Therefore, self-realization occurs through following the heart where your love springs from.

Have you ever struggled with your "bad" past? Can you recognize it as a gift Feel free to share yourself in a comment or ask your question.

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Much love, Elias

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Author: Elias Fischer

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