How much is a 22 carat diamond worth

Carat weight

The carat weight does not, as is often assumed, provide direct information about the size of a diamond. Two diamonds of the same carat weight may appear different in size. Only the combination of carat weight, table, depth and cut gives information about the size of the diamond.

blackboard: The table shows the visible area of ​​the diamond when viewed from above. This is the most common view of a diamond set. The larger the diameter of the table, the larger the diamond appears (with otherwise the same diamond criteria).

depth: A particularly deep stone usually looks smaller than a somewhat shallower one. A large proportion of the weight of deep stones is in the lower part of the diamond. This is hidden when viewed from above.

cut: The higher the cut, the more incident light emerges through the table, the more beautiful and intense the diamond sparkles and shines. And the bigger the diamond looks to the human eye. Stones with a lower degree of cut therefore always appear smaller than stones with a higher degree of cut, even with the same table diameter and the same number of carats. It is therefore possible that a stone with a small carat weight and a smaller table diameter, due to its higher degree of cut, appears larger than a larger stone with a lower degree of cut. Yorxs recommends that you do not compromise on the three possible cut criteria (cut, symmetry, polish) for the brilliant cut and the two cut criteria (symmetry, polish) for the other cut types. Nature gave us one of the diamond deposits on our planet earth. The cut is the human part of a finished diamond and determines the optics, how perfectly a diamond reflects the light, within the framework of the natural conditions.