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Stress formula: simple trick for less stress

Stress is normal in almost every area. Whether privately or at work - time is of the essence everywhere, expectations are placed on us, work intensifies ... So it's high time to do something about it. And that works: with one simple stress formula you can reduce the burden of everyday stress, increase your satisfaction and on top of that do something for your health ...

Stress formula: It doesn't take much for less stress

A common one Problem coping with stress is the setting. Many simply come to terms with the situation or tell themselves that they cannot change the situation anyway. Or you try to talk about your own situation and make yourself know that the stress is not that bad. Error!

Such thinking usually only leads to increased pressure. The stress grows and grows until it has reached such a level that it not only affects satisfaction but also becomes a threat to health.

Anyone who is under stress for a longer period of time will at some point suffer from insomnia, headaches or even cardiovascular complaints. Reason: The stress hormones increase blood pressure. This even increases the risk of a heart attack.

The psychologist Markus Heinrichs, together with a team of Freiburg scientists, has shown that there is another way. He presented a kind Stress formula with which a significant reduction in stress symptoms could be demonstrated. This promising stress formula looks like this:

  • 30 minutes Everyone should do endurance sports in order to suffer less from constant stress.
  • 2 times a week is completely sufficient to achieve the positive effects. Nobody has to do sports every day.
  • For 3 months you should do this exercise. Because only then do the effects appear.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but it has a big impact.

The researchers were able to show that study participants who adhered to such a training plan, a lower dose of the stress hormone cortisol in the body in stressful situations had. As a result of regular exercise, the test subjects reacted less strongly to stress triggers and fewer stress hormones were produced. In addition, despite the stress, a lower heart rate measured.

If you stick to the stress formula, you will benefit in several ways. you reduce the perceived stress with little effort, which means you can keep a clearer head, master critical situations not only in a more relaxed manner, but also better and suffer less from the stress. Additionally you also automatically bend the negative consequences from constant stress.

The lower concentration of stress hormones in the blood reduces the risk to health, the The cardiovascular system is relieved and the other classic stress symptoms also subside. You even have a choice of which activity you choose. As long as it's an endurance sport, you can't go wrong. Jogging, cycling, swimming ... choose what you enjoy most and what you can motivate yourself to do.

You only have to overcome your weaker self in order to really persevere and to pull through the sporting program that has already started.

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