Why do Chinese people play badminton better?

Badminton World Cup in ChinaIn the land of badminton players

A badminton hall in Beijing's Chaoyang Park. Eleven places and all of them are occupied. On a normal Friday morning. Zhang Ning is standing at the edge. She is an icon in China, won the gold medal in the women's badminton singles at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games. Today she and her husband run a badminton school in Beijing.

"Badminton has a long tradition as a sport in China. It's very simple: you need two or four players and you can have fun. You don't need a large area like in football and you don't need a lot of people. In China, young and old people like them Sport. Tennis - that requires more technique and strength. Badminton is also a pleasure for beginners. "

Popular sport badminton

Badminton is a popular sport in China. It is taught in schools and there are thousands of amateur leagues in the country. In China, common sport in parks, on street corners and in public places is part of everyday culture. No matter how big and anonymous the megacities appear - people meet to play sports. Badminton is part of this culture, like table tennis, dancing or tai chi.

"Although table tennis is known as China's national sport, surveys say otherwise. They say badminton is the number one sport in China." Zhang Ning is considered one of the best badminton players of all time. Until recently, she was the coach of China's national women's badminton team. Zhang is also currently in front of the television every day and watches CCTV5, the state-owned Chinese sports broadcaster, to follow the Badminton World Championships in Nanjing.

At prime time

Badminton is on prime-time for hours. If restaurants in Beijing have a TV, the Badminton World Cup is currently running there (30.07.-05.08.2018). "I watch the World Cup, I'm still very emotional when the Chinese team plays," said Zhang Ning. "The World Cup has good ratings. It's a great atmosphere, 20,000 spectators fit into the arena. It's pure passion when you can watch the games on site. "

Badminton is generously sponsored by the Chinese government, and each province has a targeted talent search. China has more badminton professionals than any other country in the world. On the pitch next to the two-time Olympic champion Zhang Ning, Huang Yu, a 25-year-old employee from Beijing, plays: "My company organizes this here to promote our health. We come with colleagues once a week, for two hours each time . At the weekend I play with friends or family. My boss is such a badminton fan that we even watch the World Cup together in the office. "

However, the Chinese team has not been as successful as in previous years. Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia - all successful badminton nations. Asia dominates badminton - also at the World Cup in Nanjing.