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Mr. Michael Schmidt, born on February 1st, 1965, joined our company on January 1st, 2005. He was employed as a biotechnologist.

Our company specializes in the production and development of plasma systems. In addition to our standard applications in the area of ​​surface activation, another field of application of our technology is the cost-effective and material-friendly disinfection and sterilization of surfaces using plasma treatment.

As part of the implementation of various research projects in microbiology and medical technology in our R&D department, Mr. Schmidt's area of ​​responsibility included in particular:


Carrying out microbiological plate tests and widefield microscopy (life / dead stain)


Operation and optimization of plasma systems for disinfecting surfaces


Coordination and implementation of experimental setups


Processing of publicly funded projects, including presentation of the results


Advice to customers, partner companies and the sales department


Cooperation with national and international research institutes

Mr. Schmidt showed great diligence and diligence. We got to know him as a resilient employee who coped well with his tasks even under difficult working conditions. Building on this, he worked out good solutions, which he carefully tailored to the specific framework conditions.

Mr. Schmidt has good technical competence and is well acquainted with the methods of molecular and biochemistry, process and control engineering and bioinformatics. What should be emphasized is his endeavor to keep his knowledge up to date by participating in further training events as well as through self-study. He was therefore a very valued contact person both internally and externally. He performed his tasks competently, flexibly and in a team-oriented manner.

The amount of work and the work pace always far exceeded our expectations. He repeatedly achieved above-average success in realizing the goals set. __ We are happy to certify that we have always been fully satisfied with Mr. Schmidt's performance.

His behavior towards superiors and colleagues was impeccable at all times. He worked closely with national and international research institutes and was always friendly and correct towards them. His absolute trustworthiness and loyalty should be emphasized.

Unfortunately, we have to terminate Mr. Schmidt's employment contract on December 31, 2012 due to operational reasons. We thank you for his cooperation and regret his departure. We wish Mr. Schmidt every success in his future career.

Saarbrücken, January 31, 2013

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