Isn't this secularism so outrageous?

Secular greens

This week, the state working group for the secular green of Berlin called for a remedy for a serious deficiency in the corona measures. In Berlin, close family members and friends are allowed to say goodbye to the deceased without a religious memorial service only significantly fewer people attend than at a religious funeral service. This is a scandalous and intolerable regulation that should be abolished immediately.

Can non-religious people really grieve at all?

Germany in the 21st century: Aren't you religious, is your grief worth less? Then comes the well-known agitation that people who are not religious have no morality anyway, or at least significantly less morality than religious people, so that their mourning is not as ethically valued as the mourning of religious people.

The secular Greens in Berlin have urged the parliamentary group of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen in the Berlin House of Representatives to remedy this outrageous situation immediately.

Presumably, the farewell to the deceased will not be regulated differently in other federal states than in Berlin. This shame should be turned off immediately!

Walter Otte

By the way: presumably the Corona regulations for weddings are just as discriminatory!

It is also outrageous that the churches have not distanced themselves from this regulation, but are apparently making use of it. Do you want to continue this shamelessness?

Statement by the secular Greens Berlin:

We were surprised to note that, despite all lockdown measures, so-called "religious and cultic events“In Berlin are explicitly excluded from the maximum number of participants for events. A maximum of 20 people may take part in closed rooms at burials without a priest or preacher. Not so when a religious clergyman gives the funeral speech: in this case the Berlin health administration evaluates this as a religious-cultic event, so that an unlimited number of people can participate.

We find this procedure outrageous and repugnant. Not only that in this way the clear majority of the non-denominational Berlin population experiences lasting discrimination, not only that the principle of equal treatment is trampled underfoot.

It is also utterly instinctive and cynical to promote the emergence of a two-class society in the face of death in this way in the midst of a life-threatening pandemic. Grief is a deeply human phenomenon that does not stop at any worldview or religion.Is there less grief among non-religious people than religious ones? Is the grief of religious people of higher value?We consider it deeply inhumane to drive a wedge between people artificially for ideological reasons. In addition, it should be a matter of course in an enlightened society that protection against infection must not know any religious borders.

We therefore call on the Senate and the political parties to take a clear stance in this regard towards the religious communities and - if necessary - to change the Corona regulations for Berlin immediately so that any religious privileges are prevented. Because religious privilege clearly means: Discrimination against grieving religious free.

Furthermore, we urge all religious communities not to make use of their privileges as long as the pandemic crisis persists, if not out of inner conviction, then out of reason, but to explicitly declare their solidarity with the majority of society.

LAG Secular Green Berlin                                                 

Berlin, November 9th, 2020