How do our decisions reflect our character

reflect / reflect

Reflect is a word that puts orthographic stumbling blocks in our way very early on. For example, those who write a poem analysis often want to express that this or that stylistic device reflects the mood of the work, whereby the prefix can cause us problems. So let's take a closer look at them.

The adverb again namely expresses that something is being done again. The repetition, which means that something is done again, can be used as an example. For example, in the sentence: "We're going to the lake again this year!" or at "I've told you over and over again!„.

So if we were to write that the stylistic device reflects the mood of the work, we would express that the work reflects the mood again. But we want to say that the work reflects the mood, takes up and thus againstreflects.

Let's do without that at the word E. and write that our stylistic device reflects the mood of the work, the statement changes completely. The prefix contrary namely does not mean the repetition, but goes to the old high German widar back, which can be roughly translated against.

So let's use reflect, we express that something is mirrored and thus throws back the mirror image of something. And that is ultimately what a stylistic device can do in a poem: reflect a mood or just throw it back.

Spreading the wrong spelling

If the spelling is incorrect, it is often interesting how persistent it is. Here we can take a look at the evolution of search queries from reflect and reflect help with the search engine Google. We look at a trend analysis from Google.

Note: The above excerpt does not reflect the absolute search volumes, but only shows how often one term was searched for in relation to the other term using the search engine.

Interesting isthat both terms, so reflect and reflect are searched almost equally often. From this we can conclude that, on the one hand, there is a relatively large amount of uncertainty regarding the correct spelling and, on the other hand, that both spellings are equally represented.

examples for reflect / reflect

The best way to illustrate and internalize difficult words is to use examples. For this reason, example sentences follow to clarify the spelling.

The moon has reflected in the water.
The sky is reflected in the sea.
The story reflects the circumstances.
The adventure is reflected in the author's life.
Your eyes reflect your passion again.