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DIY tutorial: HOW you can make your own destroyed jeans

If you click through the fashion blogs, it quickly becomes clear: Destroyed jeans just always work. Whether ripped jeans with large holes, worn boyfriend jeans with tears or flared jeans with a frayed hem - broken jeans are still popular. The problem with trendy trousers: They are pretty expensive for the fact that they are actually already over.

Our tip is therefore: Instead of spending a lot of money on new trousers trimmed to look old, make the destroyed jeans yourself!

Make destroyed jeans yourself: These instructions are super easy!

Good news for all those who don't like sewing and handicrafts: Making trendy destroyed jeans yourself is child's play! All you need is old jeans, tailor's chalk, small pointed scissors, pointed tweezers, a small kitchen grater or sandpaper. That's how it works:

1. Mark the area
Before you start "destroying" the jeans, you should think about what the finished destroyed jeans should look like. Do you want evenly distributed cracks or individual holes?

Turn the jeans inside out and place them on the table in front of you. Mark the places through which the white threads should later shine with horizontal parallel lines on the trouser legs. Be careful not to set it too high on the thigh, as too much bare skin can quickly give the wrong impression.

2. Recut lines
Now cut the lines with the sharp scissors so that horizontal tears appear in the fabric. The greater the distance between the cuts, the larger the broken area through which you can later see the white threads and skin.

3. Pluck out blue vertical threads
Now comes the fiddling work of the project "Make your own destroyed jeans": So that your jeans get the typical destroyed look at the cut-open area, you have to pull out all vertical blue threads one after the other with the tweezers. It's a bit tricky with the first few threads, but after that it's very easy.

4. Roughen the cut edges
Have you pulled out all the blue threads on the cut parts? Perfect! We continue with the cut edges, because they should look as soft as possible in the end. To do this, cut vertically into the entire denim with short, closely spaced scissors cuts along the upper and lower cut edges. Now open the scissors and rub them along the edges so that they fray.

5. Make abrasions
In addition to the technique just explained, with which you can make your own destroyed jeans, you can also use the kitchen grater to make abrasions on the denim. To do this, simply rub the fabric until the light-colored threads shine through slightly.

Can't imagine the whole thing so well yet? Then check out this video!

In the video, fashion and DIY professional Eylem shows you the above-mentioned DIY method step by step. We guarantee: After this video you will want to get started right away and make your first destroyed jeans yourself!

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