How can I meet Himalayan sadhus


Nepalese festivals are always an event. We have of course already been in Nepal for a few days. But as it is, there is a lot to do first. Of course, in addition to office work, you can also meet colleagues and friends and exchange the latest news.

The winter was long in Kathmandu and for the first time we saw snow on the hills, which were small for Nepal, during the approach.

Now, our first groups are successful. I started towards Khumbu and we have settled in again. And yesterday there was a big highlight in Kathmandu.

Lord Shiva, one of the main gods and most revered gods here, had his day yesterday. You might not believe it, but there are about 33 million deities in Hinduism. Shiva is one of the “stars” among them.

Yesterday was the holiest night in Hinduism. Shiva's night. According to legend, on that night, which of course was very many years ago, Shiva and Parvati (another deity) got married.

The whole of Kathmandu was ecstatic, that is how it can be described. A colorful folk festival-like hustle and bustle. Hundreds of sadhus, the holy men you see now and then on the streets, or who have probably already seen Nepal travelers at Pashupatinath, made a pilgrimage to Kathmandu in the weeks before from neighboring countries and also from Nepal.

Thousands of people celebrate in the Pashupatinath complex, not only Nepalese, because many Hindus from India have also traveled to their Shiva all day long into the night. A kilometer-long queue forms in front of the temple and the streets around are closed.

Hundreds of sadhus - holy men and worshipers of Shiva - have been populating Pashupatinath for days. Some of them are on pilgrimage for this event for months. It's tight everywhere, but if you're in Kathmandu on such a day, you shouldn't miss it.