Is war possible without racism


In our day and age it is more important than ever to stand up against racism. And loudly. Hence the idea of ​​wanting to become part of the School Without Racism Network School with Courage.

Being able to be different without fear!

The project School without Racism - School with Courage at FSP2

Our technical school does not exist in a vacuum. The world seems to have become more unstable and dangerous. Racism is not the only challenge - growing social inequality, unchecked global warming or the flare-up of new wars are expressions of this instability.

Nonetheless, the renaissance of racist prejudice makes it particularly clear that it is time to act: there are regular arson attacks on refugee shelters, synagogues and mosques. Racist and other misanthropic ideologies are openly propagated on hate blogs. We are also confronted with prejudices in schools, daycare centers and other socio-educational fields of work.

Time to send a clear message: At FSP2 there is no place for racism and other misanthropic ideologies.

Committed students and colleagues have collected hundreds of signatures for the project "School without Racism - School with Courage". After successful examination of the application by the Federal Coordination in Berlin, we were awarded the title “School without Racism” at a festive ceremony with our school sponsor Samy Deluxe.

This is not the end of our work, it is only just beginning: It is important to fill this claim with life.

A central component of the voluntary commitment is the regular implementation of project days. Therefore, as a school, we will start organizing one or more project days as soon as possible. These should take place this school year.

It is crucial that this effort is visible and effective in everyday school life: in class, during breaks or in practice. There are many occasions and occasions when the words “school without racism” are followed by deeds. Your ideas and initiatives are needed to meet the demands.

There are regular active meetings at the school for all interested and committed students and colleagues (see school dates). Come by - there is a lot to do - let's do it!

Election poster school without racism

News release "Samy Deluxe takes on sponsorship for FSP2"