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12 cool ways to wear a bandana

From STYLEBOOK | October 09, 2020, 5:52 p.m.

The casual paisley bandana has evolved from a trademark of cowboys to a statement piece for fashion insiders - and is experiencing an important comeback due to the corona pandemic: We are presenting 12 variants of how the square scarf is now worn.

Although the cloth is now available in countless colors, it always has to be square in shape (usually 60 centimeters by 60 centimeters) and made of robust cotton. The “Bandhana”, as it is correctly called, comes from Hindi and means “to tie”. The typical paisley pattern also comes from Indian. The bandana began its triumphant advance in the pioneering days in the USA. The scarf was no longer worn as head protection from the heat as it was in India, but served cowboys, train drivers and farmers in the Wild West as a face mask against dust and sweat. The mostly red or blue handkerchief was also used as a handkerchief. However, when the bandana was worn by bandits in bank and stagecoach robberies, it received a bad rap for a long time. The brutal street gangs in troubled US neighborhoods who wore the bandana as a badge didn't make it any better.

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Today the bandana is no longer simply tied around the neck. It is worn as an alternative to a hair tie or a replacement for a choker, casually wrapped around a handbag or used as a mouth and nose protection. And best of all: It not only pimps up any simple basic outfit in seconds, but with a retail price of just a few euros it is a trend that everyone can follow!

Styling variants for the bandana

1. Bandana in boy scout look

This tying technique is ideal for classic outfits that can be spiced up with the accessory. A chic look is broken by the casual binding technique and thus appears less strict. You knot at the front, both ends should be the same length if possible.

2. Bandana as a hair band

Little effort, big effect! Ugly hair ties can quickly disappear if you tie a cool bandana around them. The braid (works particularly well with thick hair) should be fastened under the bandana with a braid, as the cloth on its own easily slips out of the hair.

3. Bandana as a choker

In this way, the scarf is elongated and placed twice around the neck. Tied like this, the bandana is reminiscent of a wide choker. The knot is simply tucked under the cloth in the neck so that it is no longer visible.

4. Bandana as mouth and nose protection

In times of pandemics, the bandana has become more important than ever and is often used as a mouth and nose cover. The advantage: If you no longer need the mouth and nose protection in certain situations, the cloth can simply be pulled down and cover the neck as a cloth. In any case, more stylish than clamping the surgical mask under your chin.

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5. Stuff the bandana in your pocket

In contrast to a handbag, a bandana is not a typical “women's accessory.” Stylish representatives of both sexes now simply put bandana scarves in the back of their jeans pocket. This effort takes a maximum of two seconds.

6. Put the bandana in the waistband

The whole thing also works from the front. To do this, put a third of the bandana in the waistband and let the rest hang out at the front like a bib. In contrast to the trend variant no. 5, in which the bandana is simply stuffed casually into the trouser pocket, the cloth here should be ironed flat.

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7. Bandana as a headband

A very popular bandana style, which is implemented by this year's festival goers in a wide variety of variants: The scarf is placed over the hair on the neck, led forward and tied tightly over the forehead. Important: Iron the cloth beforehand so that the knotted ends do not hang wrinkled on your face. The perfect look to keep your hair off your face in warm temperatures and dance all night long!

8. Bandana in cowboy look

Of course, the bandana can still be worn in the authentic cowboy look. To do this, simply fold the cloth into a triangle and knot it at the back. The bandana should sit loosely. A nice break in style is an elegant slip dress or a spaghetti strap top made of silk and a chic blazer.

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9. Bandana as a bracelet

Anyone who used to wear a bandana on their wrist in the USA indicated that they belonged to a certain gang. Those days are over, today a bandana just looks casual as a cool arm jewelry alternative. Wearing the scarf around your ankle also works, but it's for real hipsters.

10. Bandana tied to the purse

Bandanas can not only beautify ourselves, but also our favorite pieces. A cloth loosely wrapped around the handle not only sets color accents, but also puts our favorite bag in a completely new light. Tip: iron beforehand.

11. Bandana as a belt

What do you do when your trousers slip, but you don't have a belt at hand? Simply wrap the bandana around your waist.

12. Bandana under a hat

Who would have thought that a cool bandana would even turn an old hat into an eye-catcher? Whether loosely around the brim or casually wrapped around the head - perfect!

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