How can I learn NX CAD

NX and Teamcenter course descriptions

We offer practical, individual courses in small groups. If you cannot find the right course for your needs here, so we will be happy to create you based on your specifications and requirements an offer for an NX individual course.Define NX course goals
NX "hot box topics"

NX CAD intensive course (crash course)
This course is very compact, for experienced CAD users and those switching. With the appropriate course booklet.

NX CAD Intensive Training (Crash Training) english
It's really fast, you should know at least one other CAD system.

NX CAD basic course part 1 and part 2
Solid basis for CAD beginners, with course focuses as desired. With the appropriate course booklet.

NX CAM intensive course (crash course)
This course covers the machining types drilling and milling, from opening a part to generating the finished NC code.

Teamcenter for beginners
If your company uses Teamcenter, then it is essential to deal with this topic as an NX designer!

Teamcenter for administrators
If your task is to adapt Teamcenter in your company, then this course would be a good choice! You adapt the workflows optimally to the needs of your company, regulate the access rights, optimize the TC data model, set up items and thus bring your company forward “digitally”.

NX workshop "Check-Mate"
In order to ensure the data quality of its own and / or third-party NX parts, Siemens NX offers the Check-Mate, an option to check a wide variety of quality criteria.

NX routing for users (electrics & mechanics)
We have familiarized ourselves with NX routing and can show you the options that you need for your routing design.

NX routing for administrators (electrical & mechanical)
The problem with NX routing is the preparation of the required routing NX environment. This individual adaptation is the aim of the course.

NX Free Form Features Course
3, 4 or 5 days, also as a workshop with your own parts. We call ourselves experts on this topic! Our free-form book with over 660 pages is available for free with the course.

Workshop NX for mold makers
We keep hearing the same NX questions from foundries, die casters, injection moulders and also from forged parts manufacturers. This course should give you most of the answers in a compact form.

Workshop NX Product Template Studio (PTS)
With the help of the Product Template Studio you can achieve enormous time savings in the further development of your machines or systems!

NX update course
We offer all jumps, e.g. NX11> NX12 / NX10> NX1847 / NX12> NX1953.

NX update course for large groups (e.g. over 300 users)
We have developed a sophisticated system for this that saves you time and money. You can then offer the optimized course documents to users on your CAD intranet.

NX 3D printing course
With this course you are guaranteed to save time and probably a lot of frustration!

NX large assemblies WAVE links (large assembly)
If the waiting times of your designers become annoying for large assemblies, we will show you how you can get really fast again.

NX system administrator course (optimizing / setting up the NX installation)
This course acts like a multiplier. An NX system administrator optimizes the NX work environment for all users. The NX team can only become effective when the NX environment has been optimized for the company's needs.

NX programming (, UF with VB, C #)
In this course you will learn how you can pour company know-how into NX-Tools. There are undreamt-of possibilities for rationalization.

NX programming with GRIP
GRIP was long said dead, but there are still millions of GRIP programs that need to be maintained.

Automated drawing frames in NX
Every CAD and NX user needs a drawing frame.
Filling out the text fields should be quick, reliable, dynamic and as automatic as possible.

Mastering NX is one thing. Working with NX in compliance with Daimler is something completely different!

Construction methodology in NX
You already get something on the screen with NX, but is it also update stable and understandable for others? When everyone designs the way they want, chaos in the design department is inevitable.

NX sheet metal
Formerly a specialty course, now standard in many companies.

NX stress wizard FEM module
Easy to use and yet meaningful in the results.

NX reverse engineering
The demand for this topic is exploding to the same extent as the 3D printer market.

Reusable in NX
There are industries in which over 90% standard and purchased parts are used. But how do you properly organize these parts libraries? How do you fill them up?

NX-Studio (photorealistic display, film sequences)
With photo-realistic images of the construction, marketing can begin even before concrete parts exist.

NX kinematics (Motion, Mechanism)
The construction looks good, but does it move as expected?

NX analysis and repair of freeform surfaces
Free-form surfaces can only be used when they no longer have any geometrical errors and when they have been optically optimized.

NX synchronous construction (Synchronous, work with non-parametric models)
Is it difficult to continue working with STEP, IGES and Parasolid data? Because of that, the synchronous construction makes the work really effective!

NX for project managers, specialists and executives
My design engineers claim that this is not possible with CAD and NX. Is that really true?

NX Sketcher
Creating sketches can be quite complex. Some companies train sketch specialists for this purpose. We train these specialists.

If you miss something in this list, please contact us!
The trend towards NX special courses, in which you give us the keywords and topics, has been unmistakable for years.