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was a fantastic travel from delhi to jaipur. perfect organization. i was informed days before the trip by the company via WhatsApp, which was very good and comfortable way of communication. our driver Jaheer was the best I had in India. he was on time at the Meeting point and informed us via WhatsApp also. he is an absolute safe driver and we really could enjoy the 3 hour trip from delhi to jaipur and back to delhi. he also suggested a good Restaurant on the way back and brought us there. I can also fully recommend Kumar our Tour Guide. if you have the possibility in getting him as a guide use the chance. he is the most impressive guide I had so far. he knows all about the spots in Jaipur. every question was answered. he gave us very good tips how to handle all the tourist traps on the way :-) thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable day. with you two guys we had a fantastic and impressive trip to Jaipur which was full of great impressions. So get them both for your next tour !!!

a wonderful experience and you get the most beautiful highlights of the Golden Triangle in a very short time. Even the car rides weren't as bad as initially feared. All three of the guides tried very hard and spoke German. 2 of them even very good. The hotels (5 stars) were excellently selected and left nothing to be desired. The only thing that was a bit negative was the shopping opportunities. You lure you into wanting to show them the handicrafts. Like knotting carpets, inlay work, dyeing fabrics, etc. and then ends up in a huge shop where you are almost forced to buy something in a polite way. You should say no right away and make better use of the time. We also felt very safe throughout the trip. The drivers are given certain stops where they can eat, drink and have a nap again and again. These are really always very good and hygienic. Highly Recommended

We were very lucky to see a tiger on our safari. Otherwise it was the case that the specified times of the tour were not correct. We were picked up two hours later and the driver we had was quite racing. In addition, he could hardly speak any English. That made it difficult to ask for a toilet or lunch. The safari was supposed to start at 2 p.m., but the time wasn't respected either. Because we saw a tiger, we could see over these things, but if we hadn't seen one, we would have wondered whether it was all worth it at all.

The tour was very varied and exciting. Everything was organized very professionally and the hotels left nothing to be desired. The drive was great and so was the support from the provider. The transfers are a time factor that should not be underestimated, but it was never boring. It is very exciting to watch the country. The guides were very different but very good throughout. You always have the opportunity to say what you want to see and what not. Highly recommend this tour for beginners in India. You get a first impression that will help you a lot later. Conclusion; TOP

A very relaxed way to get to know the sights. We had a very good driver and the 3 different guides for Dheli, Agra and Jaipur were very knowledgeable. The quality of the hotels was good, the staff there very helpful and courteous.