What is some vegan food

Vegan food is in

in his - be modern

vegan - without animal substances; made only from plants

Nutrition, -en (f.) - the food and drink

environmentally friendly - in such a way that something does not harm the environment or only harms it very little

to look | - look at something closely

Alternative, -n (f.) - here: the other possibility; the replacement product

animal - here: in such a way that it is made from the body of an animal

to | speak to someone - here: be interesting for someone; inspire someone

give up something - here: do not eat / drink something

Sales, sales (m.) - the money you get for selling goods or services, but for which you still have to pay taxes

Greenhouse gas, -e (n.) - the gas that is bad for the environment and the atmosphere

Animal husbandry (f., Singular only) - owning and caring for animals

Seal, - (n.) - here: a sign or a symbol on a product that stands for a certain quality

Organic - Abbreviation for: biological; here: naturally produced

Soy (n., Singular only) - a herbal product made from a type of bean

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (m., Singular only) - an organization that cares about the protection of the climate

consume something - eat, drink or consume something

completely - here: completely

Principle, -ien (n.) - here: the way something works; The method

Origin (f., Singular only) - here: the place / country from which something comes

Ingredient, -en (f.) - here: a food that is contained in a product