What about a meaningful and happy life

Which would you rather have: a happy or a meaningful life?

I was confronted with this question when I was browsing through new books *. And of course I wanted to know more. The question struck me as I read on: “In order to be psychologically and spiritually healthy, we have to believe that our life is important. We all need to find ways to connect with something bigger than ourselves - the feeling that our lives make sense and that we have a purpose. "

We have now wished everyone a Happy New Year. And when we discover our Big Five for Life and let them flow into our lives more, we will be happier. This desire for a happy life is widespread. A happy life is characterized by lust and joy. And I have to say from my own experience: Yes, it feels good to be happy.

However, it has been shown in various studies that the pursuit of happiness, even if it is crowned with success, does not lead to a really lasting improvement in the attitude to life. There is such a thing as a wear and tear effect. You then have to look for new triggers for happiness in order to nourish your own happiness.

How does that fit in with the Big Five for Life?

I am not a scientist, but I am often a good observer - with others as well as myself. And it is an effective first step to become aware of your Big Five for Life. We develop with this often new knowledge. We are aware of our desires, our heart's desires, and with their realization we feel new pleasure and joy in our existence. Beyond just functioning, as it often happens to us in our everyday life, we open up and use new areas of decision-making and action. It feels good and makes you happy.

As soon as you start your own journey, you know: there is another question. We begin with the search for the five heart desires. Yes, but that leaves the answer to the question “Why are you here? What is the purpose of your existence? ”Are still unanswered in the room - or better still on your path through life. And the importance of your answer to that question is explained in this book.

A meaningful life is bigger than a happy one!

People lead meaningful lives when their life has a purpose and therefore meaning. If I am aware that I am part of something greater than myself and if I know the answer to the question "Why are you here?", Then I have found the source for my inspiration and can also go a longer way, to get to the goal. With inner clarity, connected with your own source of power, your own essence and your really own purpose of existence, we create the personal vision in order to then bring it powerfully and successfully into reality.

Achieving meaningful things often takes some effort. In order for us to recognize these efforts as meaningful and useful, it is important to have a compass that we can use to orient ourselves. Our purpose of existence is this compass. If the reason for my existence is, for example, “I am in this world to help”, then this can have different expressions. For example, I can train in a nursing profession, study medicine, or become a teacher. I will invest time and resources in order to live my purpose of existence, which is to turn to people. And at some point later I'll be rewarded with thanks and appreciation.

This feeling of making a difference in my own life and that of others gives me great satisfaction. And that in turn can trigger a chain of effects: You are more committed and more productive; one is more balanced and dealing with difficulties more relaxed; health improves; Relationships are more intense. And in the end you will live a meaningful and happy life. Whereby happiness comes to you and you no longer chase after him.

How can I find my purpose of existence?

In our Do-It! Seminar we go this part of the way together. With our company you will reach your goal.

* The book title: The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters by Emily Esfahani Smith. The book is based on scientific research and philosophical teachings.

You too can find your Big Five for Life and be inspired by our contributions!

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