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With effect from July 1, 2015, German, Austrian and Swiss citizens can, under certain conditions, benefit from a free visa upon arrival in Indonesia. The prerequisite is entry and exit via the airports Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Bali or Batam. When entering or leaving other airports, the regular visa fees of around 32 apply until further notice. If necessary, these must also be paid later when leaving other cities. For this reason, plan for a visa fee of around 32 for your entry into Indonesia.

With the nomination of Maruf, Jokowi pursued the goal of combining the nationalism he represented with Islam and thus being better able to defend himself against attacks from the religious camp. For their part, Maruf and the NU had an interest in the alliance with the Presidential Palace, as they hoped that it would gain greater influence on state politics and access to state resources, and also marginalize competing Islamic actors. The NU, which claims to belong to 40 million Indonesians, is associated with a local interpretation of Islam (Islam Nusantara Islam of the archipelago) that integrates Islam and non-Islamic cultural and religious traditions. It sees itself as more pluralistic and more tolerant than the puristic interpretations of Islam currently prevalent in the Arab world. Maruf was on the one hand head of the conservative wing of the NU, but on the other hand was confronted with an increasing Arabization of Indonesian Islam that threatened the power of the NU. The alliance between Jokowi and Maruf is already bearing its first fruits: An Islamic university teaching Islam Nusantara is currently being built. In addition, the government launched a subsidy program with which Sharia-compliant economic projects are promoted (Sharia Economic Master Plan). To implement this, for example, a Sharia bank for microloans was set up. At the same time, Jokowi remained silent about increasing attacks on homosexuals or the curtailment of the rights of religious minorities.

The economy of the island state is growing, especially tourism and the export of palm oil, coal, metals and natural gas. However, prosperity is unevenly distributed, around a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line, a particularly large number of them in agriculture

In the early morning you drive through tea plantations and vegetable fields to the gate of Kerinci Seblat NP. From here you continue on foot. The path first leads you through a band of untouched mountain rainforest before the trees give way to a fern landscape interspersed with bushes. The last few meters of your day's hike will take you through a subalpine forest of rhododendron bushes. (Walking time approx. 6 hours).

The students are upset because parliament has just decided to overthrow the anti-corruption authority KPK. They fear that oligarchs could evade investigation in this way. The demonstrators demand from President Joko Widodo that he should somehow ensure that the KPK gets teeth again.

In the morning drive to the village of Lempur. Trekking in damp terrain through a bamboo forest to the picturesque Kaco Lake. The surrounding Gehlz is home to many endemic bird species, whose songs echo through the treetops. After returning to Lempur village, you will be transferred to Kersik Tuo. Accommodation in a simple hostel. (Walking time approx. 7 hours).

An overland transfer takes you to Padang and on to Cubadak Island. Crossing to the island in a small boat. overnight in hotel. (Travel time approx. 4 hours).

The situation is complicated by allegations by the government and the police that violent forces mixed with the demonstrators and provoked an escalation. His political rivals apparently see opportunities to act in the slipstream of the student movement and to stir up the mood through acts of violence on the street. For the students who take to the streets in Jakarta and other cities, infiltrators armed with stones and incendiary are a hard-to-control factor that does more harm than good to their cause. Most want to demonstrate peacefully and to mobilize further groups from the working class and the middle class.

After the fall of the dictator Suharto, Indonesia turned into a presidential republic. Since the president was appointed by the military until 2004, it is only the fourth presidential election in Indonesia since independence in 1945. Eligible to vote are people aged 17 and over who have electronic proof of identity. In some remote parts of the country, such as the restless province of Papua, many people who are actually eligible to vote do not have such an ID. The opposition criticized irregularities, around 17 million voters are registered with the same dates of birth, for some the registered dates of birth are in 1. Almost 193 million people are registered as eligible to vote.

As your tour operator, we are obliged to inform you that since 2007 most of the airlines in Indonesia (except GARUDA Indonesia, Premiair, Indonesia Air Asia and Airfast) have been on the list of airlines that are not licensed to operate long-haul flights to the EU.

Indonesia, considered a prime example of the compatibility of Islam and democracy, has seen itself increasingly challenged by authoritarian, Islamist forces in recent years. Since 2016, a coalition of Islamist forces had initially imprisoned the governor of Jakarta, a close confidante of President Joko Widodo (called Jokowi), on accusations of blasphemy and then attacked Jokowi as anti-Muslim. They were supported by Prabowo Subianto, the challenger to Jokowis, among others. Under the slogan 2019GantiPresiden (election of the president in 2019), an alliance of conservative Muslims, Islamists and ultra-nationalists under the leadership of Prabowos launched a campaign in 2018 that noticeably increased domestic political pressure on Jokowi. Many observers expressed concern that this alliance could win the presidential elections and that Indonesia could experience an authoritarian-Islamist turn as a result.

Aung San Suu Kyi: She has been under house arrest for more than two months. (Source: Aung Shine Oo / AP / dpa)

As your tour operator, we are obliged to inform you that since 2007 most of the airlines in Indonesia (except GARUDA Indonesia, Premiair, Indonesia Air Asia and Airfast) have been on the list of airlines that are not licensed to operate long-haul flights to the EU. We definitely do not use any of these airlines for long-haul flights

But it's not just frustration at rampant corruption that drives them. They are also storming the plans to adopt more stringent criminal law. Should the law pass through parliament, it could also affect tourism. According to legal experts, the planned rules apply to both Indonesians and foreigners. The Australian state has already included warnings in its travel advice, even if the new law will not come into force until two years after the decision.

While Jokowi included parts of the conservative Muslim camp in his election campaign, the Islamist opposition experienced increased state repression or even criminalization. In July 2017, for example, Jokowi banned Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), an organization that called for the establishment of a global caliphate, by decree. The leader of the Front in Defense of Islam and a supporter of Prabowo's, Rizieq, was charged with spreading pornography and fled into exile in Saudi Arabia. Other prominent preachers who supported Prabowo were charged with defamation and hate speech. Anti-Jokowi demonstrations were repeatedly broken up by the police or had been banned in advance. Critics, not only from the Islamist camp, accuse the president of using the police and judiciary systematically against the opposition, disregarding the rule of law and restricting freedom of assembly and expression