McDonald's uses high fructose corn syrup

Fast food: A Big Mac does this to the body in 60 minutes

Double the amount of meat like a hamburger, another layer of rolls and an extra portion of sauce: the Big Mac is one of the heavyweights in the McDonald's fleet. With around 500 kilocalories, the two-tier burger covers more than a quarter of the daily requirement of a healthy adult.

But what actually happens in our body when we eat one of these burger bombs? An American comparison portal for fast food prices has researched it in detail.

The first 10 minutes:

In human history, food shortages have been the norm for millennia. That is why the human brain rewards the consumption of foods with a high nutritional value - in other words: lots of calories - by releasing neurotransmitters such as dopamine. So we feel good first of all. Very well, because the messenger substances that the brain activates are the same as those that are used after cocaine consumption.

After 20 minutes:

A Big Mac bun contains large amounts of high-sugar corn syrup. The so-called glucose-fructose syrup can be addictive and triggers the desire for more in the body. It can also cause diabetes and heart disease.

After 30 minutes:

There are 970 milligrams of sodium salt in a Big Mac. This amount promotes dehydration in the body. The result: we want to drink more. Cola and milkshake are usually ready for you. The kidneys and heart also have their problems with the high sodium. The blood pressure rises.

After 40 minutes:

Are you feeling hungry again? This is because your body has lost control of blood sugar levels and a dessert or even more fast food seems very attractive. The Big Mac's glucose-fructose syrup is absorbed by the digestive tract at this point, causing high levels of insulin to be released, which messes up sugar levels.

After 60 minutes:

Usually, the body completely digests food in a day or two. But because hamburgers contain a lot of fat, the process takes longer. After consuming a Big Mac, it may take more than three days to fully digest.