What are the types of energy healing

Types of complementary and alternative medicine

Holistic therapy systems

Holistic therapeutic approaches that encompass philosophy, diagnosis and treatment

Aims to restore balance in the body

Works with nutrition, massage, herbs, meditation, therapeutic elimination and yoga

Based on the principle of similarity: a substance that can cause certain symptoms in large doses can cure the same symptoms if administered in a minimal dose *

Aims to prevent and treat diseases by promoting a healthy lifestyle, treating the person in their entirety and using the body's natural self-healing powers

Relies on a combination of several therapies, including acupuncture, counseling, exercise therapy, fantasy travel, homeopathy, hydrotherapy (hot or cold water applications), medicinal plants, natural childbirth, nutrition, physical therapies and stress management

Aims to restore the correct flow of life force or life energy Qi in the body by balancing the two opposing forces Yin and Yang

Acupuncture, massage, medicinal plants and meditation exercises (Qi Gong) are used

Mind-body techniques

Applying behavioral therapy techniques as well as socio-psychological and spiritual procedures to strengthen the effect of the mind on the body in order to maintain health and prevent and cure disease

Electronic devices provide information about biological functions (such as heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension) and show the person concerned how to control them

Working with mental images to promote relaxation or to increase well-being or a healing process, e.g. B. with insomnia (insomnia) or psychological trauma to support

Puts the affected person into a state of relaxation and heightened awareness in order to change their behavior and thus improve their health

In meditation, the meditator actively calms his mind or systematically focuses on certain aspects

Techniques to slow down the functions of the body (such as slowing the heart rate), which relieve tension and stress

Biologically oriented therapies

Using naturally occurring substances (such as certain foods and micronutrients) to promote wellbeing

Use of substances naturally occurring in plants or animals (e.g. cartilage to treat joint pain)

Use of a drug that binds and removes excess or harmful amounts of a metal, mineral, or mineral in the body

Using special nutrition plans (such as the Macrobiotic Diet, Paleo Diet, Low Carbohydrate Diet, or Mediterranean Diet) to treat or prevent a specific disease, to improve general well-being, or to detoxify the body

Manual and body-oriented therapies

Manual manipulation of parts of the body (such as the joints and muscles) to treat various conditions and symptoms

Based on the idea that the body, when in balance, improves certain symptoms and that its parts are interdependent

Manipulating (mainly) the spine to restore the normal relationship between the spine and the nervous system

May include physical therapies (such as heat and cold therapies and electronic stimulation), massage, acupressure, and / or exercise or lifestyle changes

Uses heated cups that are placed inside out on the skin to create a vacuum that partially draws the skin into the cups. The cups can be left in place for several minutes

Is considered a type of massage used to stimulate blood flow in the affected areas in order to change inflammation and certain health conditions

This is where the muscles and other tissues are manually manipulated to relieve pain and muscle spasms, as well as to relieve stress and improve relaxation

Use of dried fibers of the moxa plant (a type of mugwort), which are usually burned directly over the acupuncture points, but sometimes also directly on the skin

Works with manual pressure on certain reflex zones, primarily on the foot, hand or ear, which are supposed to be connected to certain organs or systems in the body

The skin, usually on the back, neck or arms and legs, is rubbed open with a blunt instrument

Is considered a form of massage, is also known as Gua Sha

Manipulation of energy fields that are believed to exist in and around the body (bio fields) in order to maintain or restore health

Based on the idea that there is a universal life force or subtle energy in and around the body and in the whole universe

Stimulation of certain points in the body, usually by pricking very fine needles into the skin and the underlying tissue, which stimulates the life energy (Qi) along the energy paths (meridians) and thereby restores balance in the body

Gentle movements in traditional Chinese medicine using posture, breathing, and meditation to promote healing

Energy therapy works with magnets on the body to relieve pain and promote healing

An energy therapy in which the therapist channels the life energy through his hands and lets it flow into the patient's body to support the healing process

An energy therapy in which the healing energy of the therapist is intended to recognize and compensate for the imbalance in the biofield (usually without touching the person)