Can I be stopped in international waters?

Confiscated from Iran : British tanker reportedly stopped in Oman waters

According to Iranian sources, the British tanker arrested in the Strait of Hormuz anchored in the Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas. The port and shipping authority of the Iranian province of Hormosgan announced on Saturday that he docked there after a collision with a fishing boat.

The "Stena Impero" had "collided with a fishing boat," said an official from the Fars news agency. The 23 crew members are still on board. 18 of them, including the captain, came from India, the others from the Philippines, Latvia and Russia.

The fishing boat contacted the British ship after the incident but received no response, said the head of the port and shipping authority of the Iranian province of Hormosgan, Allah-Morad Afifipoor. Therefore, the fishing boat switched on the shipping authority in accordance with the legal requirements.

The Swedish owner of the "Stena Impero" spoke of an "attack" against the ship. It had been "attacked by unidentified small ships and a helicopter" in the Strait of Hormuz in international waters, said the management of Stena Bulk and Northern Marine. The situation in the Persian Gulf is currently extremely tense. The incidents exacerbated tensions in the Persian Gulf. The British government warned Tehran of "serious consequences".

British ships should also "temporarily" not cross the waters around the Strait of Hormuz, the British government announced on Saturday. The British tanker "Mesdar" sailing under the Liberian flag was also seized the day before, but was then released again.

"We remain deeply concerned about the unacceptable actions taken by Iran, which are testing the international free movement of shipping," said a government spokeswoman after a nightly meeting of the Cobra crisis team. This met again on Saturday afternoon. Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt then said the tanker had been stopped in Oman waters.

There is still a desire not to let the situation escalate, Hunt continued. But Tehran has clearly violated international laws. The British Parliament is to be informed of the results of the meeting on Monday.

Britain's Defense Secretary Penny Mordaunt had previously described the incident as a "hostile act" in the waters of Oman, as the British news channel Sky News reported. However, your ministry did not want to confirm the quotations.

Federal government demands "immediate" release

The German government has also asked Iran to "immediately" release the tanker seized in the Strait of Hormuz. The Foreign Office in Berlin called on Iran on Saturday "emphatically" to "release" the "Stena Impero" and its crew immediately. "A further regional escalation would be very dangerous," said a ministry spokesman.

"The federal government strongly condemns the arrest of two merchant ships in the Gulf," said the spokesman for the Foreign Office in Berlin. "This is an unjustifiable interference with civil shipping, which dangerously exacerbates an already tense situation."

The EU foreign affairs office in Brussels said the seizure of the tanker was a "deep concern". "In an already tense situation, this development carries risks of further escalation and undermines ongoing efforts to find a way to resolve the current tensions," the statement said. The US had previously announced that it wanted to increase its military presence in Saudi Arabia. (mes, AFP, dpa)

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