How can I create a DVD menu

Create DVD menu - 3 best tools

With the appropriate programs, you can easily create DVD menus. We will introduce you to the three best tools in this article.

The top dog among DVD tools: Nero

"Nero" is an all-in-one solution when it comes to creating DVDs. However, with a purchase price of 70 euros, the multimedia suite is not exactly cheap. The manufacturer therefore offers a 15-day demo version.

  1. After the installation you can create your own DVD with "Nero Video". To start with, import the video files. In the lower part of the program you can find out whether the capacity of the DVD has been used up. The order of the video files determines the later chapter menu.
  2. The next step is to select the design of the DVD menu. There are two categories to choose from. On the one hand the "Standard2D" templates and on the other hand the more complex "Smart3D" templates. Under "Customize" you can make further settings, for example change the color scheme or add background music to your DVD menu.
  3. Next, Nero creates a preview of the DVD menu. Then burn your project onto a DVD. The burning software ensures that the DVD is compatible with every DVD player.

Top 2: Create a DVD menu with the DVDStyler

With the "DVDStyler" you get a free and equal alternative to Nero. When installing, pay attention to the additional programs / toolbar that the manufacturer would like to install.

  1. When starting for the first time, you define the settings of your DVD. There are then a large number of predefined templates and categories that you can edit afterwards.
  2. Import your video files from the "file manager" using drag-and-drop. You determine the order of the chapters. Similar to Nero, the DVDStyler also tells you how many minutes of video material can fit on a DVD.
  3. In the "Buttons" area you have the option of placing your own elements in the DVD menu. The function of the controls can be changed.
  4. Under "Burn ..." you can either burn your project to DVD or save an ISO file on your PC. With an appropriate burning program you can create multiple copies of a DVD.

Top 3: Create Video Menus with DVD Flick

The free tool "DVD Flick" does not offer many setting options. However, if you want to create a DVD quickly and easily, the software is a good choice.

  1. The program is very simple. Under "Add title ..." you add your video files, the titles of which you can change afterwards.
  2. Activate the actual DVD menu under the menu item "Menu settings". Six menu templates are available to you, but you cannot edit them.
  3. You can make further settings for the DVD under the menu item "Project settings". Either save your project on DVD or as an ISO file. After clicking on "Create DVD", the program will immediately start encoding your DVD.

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