Why do labradoodles bite

Where can I find my Labradoodle?

If you want a Labradoodle, first ask yourself whether a Labrador Retriever or a Poodle might be a better alternative. Because these breeds are bred in a controlled manner, which means that you have a far greater chance of finding reputable breeders who can also give you the pedigree of your new animal roommate. These are more than a mere piece of paper: They stand for breeding suitability tests of the parents, a secure line of ancestors and a minimum level of control, after all, the breeder belongs to an association.

Not so with the Labradoodle. Often the parent animals have not passed a breeding suitability test and are not suitable for breeding. Also consider: It can be assumed that the poodles and Labradors most suitable for breeding will also be used for further breeding of the respective breeds. If it does have to be a Labradoodle, make sure that all health checks of the parent animals are in writing and that the parent animals have a pedigree. It would be absurd to pay a high price - and at least in this respect, the Labradoodle sellers like to approach reputable breeders - for a four-legged friend from unknown sources.

An Australian Labradoodle offers more security. Recommended contact points in Europe are the “Australian Labradoodle Association Europe” (ALAEU) or the foundation “Australian Labradoodle Founders Alliance” (ALFA). Interesting, but also to be questioned critically, is the establishment of a new breed called "Cobberdog" against this background. This is very similar to the Australian Labradoodle, but Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are also among the ancestors. Tip: If you are looking for an adult companion, be sure to take a look around the animal shelter - there are numerous charming four-legged friends waiting for a new home!

We wish you a lot of fun with your animal companion!