Can albino people dye their hair

Regular use of hair straighteners (at least every five to eight weeks) also showed a higher risk of breast cancer. Those who preferred straight hair instead of curls were 30 percent more likely to develop breast cancer, although there was no difference between women of African descent and white women.

Avoid hair colors, reduce the risk of breast cancer

Study co-author, Dale Sandler, says it is too early to warn about hair colors in principle. After all, many factors contribute to the development of a disease and thus also to the development of breast cancer. The use of hair colors alone is therefore unlikely to cause cancer. However, he finds that hair color is a risk factor that any woman can influence. Avoiding hair coloring can probably reduce her risk of breast cancer.

We have explained here which chemicals in hair colors are questionable and whether natural hair colors can offer an adequate alternative or whether they are actually that natural and harmless: Hair dyes increase the risk of breast and bladder cancer

* Ann Wigmore, raw food and wheatgrass pioneer, is said to have died at the old age of 85 with still natural dark hair (not of old age or illness, but as a result of a fire in her institute). Her secret - as she always said herself - was the regular drinking of wheatgrass juice.

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