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2 Notice from the publisher The information in this book has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief, and the healing effects of the methods described have been tried many times. However, since people react differently, the publisher or author cannot guarantee the effectiveness or harmlessness of the applications in individual cases. If you have serious health problems, please contact your doctor or alternative practitioner. 2

3 Jürgen Fischer Energy Meditation Ecstasy A course in perception 3

4 Jürgen Fischer, born in 1950, lives with his wife and three children in Tarmstedt near Bremen. He has been studying the work of Wilhelm Reich intensively since the 1970s and has published several books on the subject of orgonomy. He is the editor of the Internet online magazine and the author of many specialist articles. Jürgen Fischer has been manufacturing orgone accumulators since 1977 and all other medical devices that were developed by Wilhelm Reich, he came into contact with Wilhelm Reich and other beings via media who modified the orgone accumulator into an angel energy accumulator. He also received instructions in Living Meditation through some media contacts. Since the beginning of 1996 he has been conducting seminars in which he introduces the participants to the work of Wilhelm Reich, to energetic perception and to living meditation. Jürgen Fischer has received instruction in various spiritual directions since 1972. Since 1991 he has no longer had any contact with spiritual teachers and organizations, he has also founded a software company Jürgen Fischer / Neue Erde Verlag GmbH 2000 All rights reserved Cover design: Dragon Design, GB Photos: Christopher Cornwell; Photodisc typesetting and typography: Jürgen Fischer Set from the Garamont complete production: Wiener Verlag, Himberg Printed in Austria ISBN Ryvellus is an imprint at NEUE ERDE NEUE ERDE Verlag GmbH Rotenbergstr. 33, D Saarbrücken Germany Planet Earth ("Love it, or leave it") 4

5 Contents Foreword ... 9 About the exercises Part one ORGON Basic exercises in energy perception: See, hear and feel orgone energy About energy perception Spinning waves Lesson 1 Seeing energy: Spinning waves Everything is energy? Orgone and DOR Atmospheric Energy Lesson 2 Seeing Energy: The DOR Index The Colors of Atmospheric Energy .. 27 The Emotional Quality of Atmospheric Energy Lesson 3 Feeling Energy: The Bodily Experience of DOR The Rush of Orgone Energy Lesson 4 Hearing Energy: The Inner One Noise Lesson 5 Seeing Energy: The Aura of Trees Lesson 6 Seeing Energy: Clouds of Energy in Space Lesson 7 Seeing Energy: The Aura of People Lesson 8 Seeing Energy: Your Own Energy Field The Plasmatic Flow: The Rediscovery of Life Lesson 9 Feeling Energy: The Plasma Triggering flow with music Lesson 10 Feeling energy: triggering plasma flow through cold Lesson 11 Feeling energy: triggering plasma flow through breathing Lesson 12 Feeling energy: "energy!" Triggering plasma flow through thoughts

6 Second Part The Function of Love Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy: The Science of the Living Wilhelm Reich: The Researcher of the Living Spiritual Orgonomy: The Spiritual Level in the Science of the Living Third Part: Living Meditation: Energy perception as a guide beam for the landing approach in the spiritual world Experiencing the Divine Source Lesson 13 Living Meditation: Basic Exercise Lesson 13 a Living Meditation: Basic Exercise When We Can't Hear the Internal Rush of Orgone Energy 105 Surrender to the Living Lesson 14 Living Meditation: Control and Surrender 111 Lesson 15 Living Meditation: Devotion to the Divine Music The devotion to the plasmatic flow and spiritual knowledge Lesson 16 Living meditation: Devotion to the plasmatic flow Lesson 17 Living meditation: OM trigger plasmatic ... flow through acoustic vibrations Lesson 18 Living meditation: The deep meditation Part Four Medials Conversations with Wi lhelm Reich and Hildegard von Bingen Introduction Conversations with Wilhelm Reich Conversations with Hildegard von Bingen

7 Part Five Living Ecstasy The Application of Energy Perception and Living Meditation in Everyday Life Energy, Meditation and Ecstasy Lesson 19 Living Ecstasy: Basic Exercise Being Empty: Knowledge from Personal Experience through Ecstasy Lesson 20 Living Ecstasy: Not Practicing Lesson 21 Living Ecstasy: The Voice Listening to Conscience Lesson 22 Living Ecstasy: Ending Small Talk Lesson 23 Living Ecstasy: Sexual Ecstasy Lesson 24 Living Ecstasy: Tantric Sexuality Part Six Gnosis Spiritual Knowledge and Experience of God through Living Meditation and Living Ecstasy The Functions of the Spirit Lesson 25 Prayer: Devotion to Contact Lesson 26 The Thoughts of the Holy Spirit Lesson 27 There Is Nothing to Do. Lesson 28 Forgiveness is the dissolution of mental blocks. 243 Lesson 29 The decision for love Lesson 30 The experience of death practice Aids for the exercises, literature and device publications by Jürgen Fischer

8 Divine love Work on the perfection of the human being and knowledge of the divine source from personal experience are the foundations of our life. You should also determine it. Modification of Wilhelm Reich's motto, which he put in front of each of his orgonomic books: Love, work and knowledge are the foundations of our life. You should also determine 8

9 Foreword Please imagine that you cannot hear, see or feel, yes, you do not even have a concept of what that should be. And then someone would offer to teach you all of this. You would probably be a little skeptical beforehand about what that is supposed to be, "hear", "see" and "feel". But when you have tried it and you find how easy it was to learn all of it, you will wonder why you have lived without this perception for as long as you could have existed without it, because there is something vital in it Missed your life. Now I offer you to learn energetic perception. I offer you to teach you a new way of hearing, seeing and feeling. Experiences which you already know, but which you have most probably never consciously perceived. You can voluntarily get out of the real world as you know it today through this energetic perception and enter an inner, spiritual world that you can reach through these new gates of perception. In order to achieve this goal, yogis have disappeared into caves for decades, monks have withdrawn into retreats. Now there is a new, simpler way of direct knowledge. This knowledge was given to me by enlightened beings on the other side, by angels, by Wilhelm Reich and Hildegard von Bingen and other beings. In very practical work discussions, they provided me with a whole package of information, initially via the media and, for over four years, directly via the Engel energy accumulator. I see it as my job to make this information available to you. Unlike the esoteric teachings of the past, there is nothing "secret" or "hidden" in the knowledge I am offering you here. In the past, practitioners had to protect themselves from their culture and vice versa. Today the best protection is to be public and to spread information as widely as possible. Gnostic teachings have not been particularly good in the past 9 either

10 "difficult," but they were only accessible to specific, particularly suitable adepts. Ultimately, this is still the case today. Not all are ready for this level of mental work. If in the past the true adepts were chosen by their masters, today the selection is made simply by the fact that the teachings either work or they don't. So test yourself. You will see that it is very easy to grasp and practice Living Meditation. But you will find that you are messing with a power that the Bible calls "Lord of the World." I call it "the ego". Confronting this power is the real touchstone. When we begin to understand that there is also an existence beyond the ego, that there is a spiritual world into which we can change at any time, the ego feels attacked because we cannot go there with it. It is an exciting experience if you let yourself into it: a journey into the unknown. And when they get there: an arrival in certainty. The methods of energy perception and living meditation are very easy to understand. It doesn't matter if you are a materialist or a religious person. The only thing that can prevent you from having this experience is your refusal to get involved. Mostly it is because people have a principled, fundamentalist attitude, an ego that sees to it that you never leave the tracks of "reality" which it has declared to be its only truth. Even when I talk to angels and enlightened people in the hereafter, I do not ask that you have the same attitude that may seem mystical to you. Maybe you just accept that I get my information from this non-material world. The media, shamans, magicians and priests have been talking to beings from the hereafter for thousands of years. My only concern is that I will continue to deal with beings who are safe in God and who do not come from the dark side of the immaterial world. This is my constant prayer. I do not ask anyone to adopt any religious or spiritual attitude from me. The only thing you need is curiosity and openness. Meditation alone certainly brings about little knowledge, perhaps a pleasant calming of the mind. For me, however, there is a quality in the spiritual opening to God, for which Living Meditation is a way, which makes up the meaning of this life. 10

11 At the center of living meditation are new methods of energetic perception, hearing, seeing and feeling life energy, on the border between material, physical perception and spiritual, supernatural perception, which every person is capable of with a little practice. The aim of living meditation is to go beyond perception into the area of ​​spiritual knowledge and the reality of God's love. In the process, a path into the world of the spirit developed that is far removed from any esoteric or mysticism. It is possible to go into spiritual realms and orientate oneself on the one hand to experience and on the other hand to a scientific understanding of life processes. This scientific background is provided by Wilhelm Reich's work, Orgonomy, since it was there for the first time that the existence of a life energy was demonstrated in a comprehensive, scientifically comprehensible manner and, above all, made usable for medical purposes. Here, too, as in spiritual work, experience is the prerequisite for understanding natural processes and being able to deal with them. A purely theoretical approach to orgonomy is just as impossible as to the knowledge of God's reality. We are dependent on going through certain personal processes, revising incorrect attitudes and having energetic or spiritual experiences in order to assure ourselves of the existence of a comprehensive life energy on the one hand and the reality of God on the other. My own background consists in the fact that I have been working with orgone accumulators since around the time and having dealt with Reich's work. As a specialist journalist, I wrote and translated several books on orgonomy, published magazines, manufactured the devices that Reich developed and worked with them myself. On the other hand, I have meditated since 1972, received instructions in various spiritual schools for the practical work on spiritual knowledge and tried to implement them as seriously as I was able to. I have been in media contact with Wilhelm Reich since 1995. I conducted a total of 22 interviews lasting several hours with him and with other members of the otherworldly working group. Central statements of these interviews referred to the fact that the published work of Reich remains essentially untouched and retains full validity. However, new levels of knowledge are now being added: on the one hand, the facts 11

12 that there is a life beyond, that there is divinity, angels and beings in the hereafter who work with us and for us. One of the central concerns of Reich, which he wanted to pass on to people from his heavenly dimension, is the fact that there are just as spiritual blockages that have to be dealt with just like the physical blockages that Reich worked on in his life's work. About the modification of the orgone accumulator to the angel energy accumulator suggested by him, I made independent contact with Wilhelm Reich and with angels and received direct instructions from them and put them into practice. One of the practical results of these angelic contacts is the Living Meditation, which I have brought close to many people personally in courses since then and which has constantly developed, deeper and deeper into the knowledge of the spiritual world. This book is a result of that intensive work with the angels and with many people. I hope that you can draw your own benefit from these experiences. Tarmstedt, in June

13 About the exercises I have brought the experiences that I am describing to you here to many people in my seminars and so far have been able to trigger a clear "aha" effect in almost all of them. Nobody who came to see me was familiar with all energy perceptions in detail, not even those that e.g. deal with energy phenomena day after day as therapists, clairvoyants or as energy healers. So I can promise you that as you read this book and do the exercises, you will come to completely new perceptions and probably very moving insights. If you have problems with one or the other exercise, just try again another day when you are perhaps a little more relaxed. It often helps to take a little care of being a little happier and more cheerful. And if it still doesn't work: it's not an advanced course. Just read on and try another exercise. If it worked, the one you couldn't handle before may be better. Avoid any pressure to perform. Having high expectations can be a reason not to be able to perceive exactly what it is about. Nevertheless, I would like to urge you to devote yourself seriously to working on the exercises. You will not understand the essentials just by reading it. In this book I can teach you to learn a new way of hearing, seeing and feeling. What you have to contribute is a good dose of diligence, patience and conscientiousness. Your mind is an instrument from which you can elicit completely new skills, new "sounds", depending on how well you can play this instrument. This book is only as good as your practice. Since it is about inner, subjective experiences, only you can judge what works well and where you can still improve. There is no other person who could or would judge this. So this is your own conscience. Take yourself seriously. 13th

14 Nothing is more harmful to one's own mind than to distrust oneself or to lie to oneself. When you practice skills, along with the sense of achievement, there is always frustration. Don't let this discourage you. The exercises in this book build on each other in terms of content. Therefore, an important note: read this book from front to back and also go through the exercises systematically. It's tempting to read a chapter here and there and do some exercise in between. You can do this when you have completed all of the exercises. What I am showing you may be a new experience for you, but the matter itself is not new. It is as old as life. The living energy has been flowing in us since we existed as single-cell organisms, as jellyfish and as worms. All living beings experience this pulsating, ecstatic energy. Isn't it time that we humans also became aware of this vitality? 14th

15 First part ORGON basic exercises in energy perception: seeing, hearing and feeling orgone energy 15

16 About energy perception A material perception can be something very tangible, even if it functions differently from our material perception. I want to show you that it is possible to see, hear and feel energy. I would like to familiarize you with different forms of subtle perception and show you that it is possible to perceive these energetic phenomena just as clearly as the material world. When we open city newspapers or trend magazines, when we look into the esoteric corner of the bookstore, we keep talking about »energy«: »bioenergy«, »energy massage«, »Kundalini energy« or »orgone energy«.We know that it cannot be the physical concept of energy, mechanical energy in the sense of potential work. "Energy" is a typical New Age term that is used by everyone and can be understood by everyone at their own discretion. I would like to help you to bring your own knowledge into this jungle of half-knowledge. I want to show you the subtle energy. After reading this book you should be able to perceive orgone energy to a certain extent and be sure of this perception. I would like to issue a warning beforehand: Everything esoteric and mystical is surrounded by a veil of mystery that makes it inaccessible and interesting. By making the energetic level perceptible, the mystical becomes real and loses its charm of the mysterious. This demystification is necessary and important in order to be able to recognize the wonderful, the moving in the energy. But it may be that this process of recognition brings out something sobering, perhaps even banal. However, I am sure that you will be more than made up for by the discovery of entirely new, unknown dimensions of nature and spirit. I want to avoid a misunderstanding that I have often encountered. The mere fact that we deal with subtle energies, with meditation, with angels and God has nothing to do with mysticism 16

17 to do with and certainly not with mystifications. This book is about perception and knowledge. It is not about the contradiction between the scientific and the spiritual view of the world. When we perceive subtle energy and recognize the mind in its structures, we refer to our own sensory and spiritual experiences and not to theories. I would like to show you how you can base your findings on your own perceptions. Only when you recognize energy, the spirit and also God on the basis of your own experiences, can you see behind dogmas and do without gurus and teachers, whether it is about scientific or religious ideologies and their priests. This book shows you how you can learn to perceive energy, how to work spiritually with this perception, and how "the world" feels completely different if we do not judge it through pre-defined settings, but experience it directly. 17th

18 Spinning Waves There are many visible energy phenomena. In the beginning it is important that we get a feeling for how real energy perception can be. What I am now showing you, the "top waves", can be seen by almost everyone. Amazingly, hardly anyone knows them. In order to perceive it, we have to know what we can perceive and want to perceive it. This applies to all energetic phenomena. Spinning waves are small, white, fast-moving dots that we can see in blue or gray skies. The spinning waves were first described by Wilhelm Reich, a doctor and researcher who discovered orgone energy and who was the first scientist to describe energetic relationships that were previously only recognized in the esoteric field. Reich had been a colleague of Freud's, and it was his declared aim to prove the "libido", the physical and psychological instinctual energy, which Freud had more metaphorically called "energy", also as physical energy. Reich was a thoroughly materialistic scientist, and even if his discovery of the life energy "orgone" is not yet accepted by the ruling natural sciences, for him the "life energy" never had a mystical character. For him it was the material basis of all living things. I do not want to discuss at this point whether we are dealing with a physical or a spiritual force. Perhaps the top waves are a form that belongs in both worlds. First of all, it is interesting for us that we can see an energy phenomenon in real terms because of the fact that we have learned what is to be experienced and that we want this experience. It is also interesting to ask why we have never seen this phenomenon before. And when we have seen it, we have most likely put it aside again as an "optical illusion" or "imagination". Our brain is not an organ for gaining knowledge, but rather it 18

19 is a kind of filter that we use to limit the thousands of experiences that are constantly potentially flowing into us to those we need as living beings to survive under the given circumstances. In fact, all memories, all impressions about the nervous system and all spiritual knowledge are always available to us. If we did not filter this information, we would be flooded with superfluous and would no longer be able to appreciate what is important. The energetic perception belongs to this "superfluous" knowledge, which we initially do not need to survive. However, we are able to set our filter in such a way that we can also receive energetic information and process it in a meaningful way. A very simple method of turning the filter off or setting it differently is to use psychoactive drugs such as LSD, mescaline or peyote. This chemical method is controversial for a reason, because it involves incalculable risks for the organism and can be very exhausting. However, they are by no means "addicts". Another method to change the filter, which we'll cover in detail in this book, is meditation. In doing so, we will discover that we are able to perceive the world around us and in our own mind differently by drawing attention to certain experiences that have escaped us so far, similar to looking at the spinning waves in the sky. 19th

20 Lesson 1 Seeing Energy: Spinning Waves Preparation: Open a window through which you have an unobstructed view of the sky (blue sky, clouds or gray sky). (Looking through a window is a lot better than doing this exercise outside, because if you look unprotected into the bright sky, the sunlight is often too bright and you involuntarily squint your eyes. The tense eye muscles then prevent you from doing so the energy perception.) Exercise: Now sit about two meters in front of the window and imagine a pane where the window pane would be if the window were closed. Look at the imaginary disc, i.e. initially keep the focus set at about two meters. Then after a few seconds, possibly only after a few minutes, you will see a large number of very small, very mobile, bright dots that are whirling together. Once you have identified the gyroscopic waves, you can leave your position, change your focus and play with the newfound perception. You will now be able to achieve this energy perception again and again without great effort. Sources of error: Through plastic glasses or plastic contact lenses, the gyroscopic waves are difficult to see or may not be visible at all. You will find that you keep abruptly interrupting your perception of the gyroscopic waves. Then you need to focus again on seeing them. This interruption and the readjustment to reach the energy perception is an important aspect of energetic perception that will keep us busy in the following, because it is the automatically starting inner dialogue, the inner "nonsense" that tells us about the Energy perception separates. 20th

21 Result: You have now learned something important about the reality of energetic perception: it is completely real, but it only exists within our own world of experience. The spinning waves are nothing imagined or projected. They are not a thought that we think in order to then perceive it "in our imagination", e.g. Spirit journeys. Fantasies have no place in energetic perception. We should always remember how real the experience of the spinning waves is and apply this memory to other levels of perception that we subsequently encounter. So if you work with other energetic phenomena in the future, you should be as sure of your experience as you can now also see the top waves with certainty, even if many of the other energetic experiences require more self-assurance and certainty the more they differ from ours remove habitual physical awareness. Duration and repetitions of the exercise: Practice until you have noticed the gyroscopic waves, but no longer than a maximum of 10 minutes per day. If you are unable to see spinning waves after three days, continue with the acoustic exercises and repeat this exercise later. 21

22 Is everything energy? The assertion "everything is energy" may be correct both physically and spiritually, but it is so general that it implies no knowledge. In the various areas of newer spiritual offers, i.e. in the »new-age scene«, we come across a wide range of energy terms, some of which we will elaborate in this book. We cannot possibly do justice to all shades and opinions. Perhaps the origin of the term "New Age" will help us further. John Pierrakos, a student of Wilhelm Reich, had developed "bioenergetics" as a body therapeutic method together with Alexander Lowen. Pierrakos had contacts to the afterlife through his wife, who was gifted in the media. He integrated spiritual work into body psychiatric therapy and founded "core energetics". This connection between Reich's bodywork and spiritual knowledge, Pierrakos said, he called "new age". So on the one hand we are referring to the term "bioenergy" or "orgone" as it was defined by Wilhelm Reich. On the other hand, we mean a spiritual, mental energy that we e.g. experienced in contact with spirits or in meditation. We should bring some order into this broad field so that we understand what we are working with. According to Reich, "orgon" is a physical force, an original, mass-free energy that existed before any matter. According to this model, matter is nothing more than compressed, condensed energy. Orgone energy is also the origin of all living things. Reich found that three factors must come together for physical life to arise: solid matter, water and orgone. He has shown experimentally that "spontaneous generation" takes place continuously on this basis by observing the spontaneous formation of single cells from disintegrating matter and water. On the other hand, we are referring to a concept of spiritual energy. If we think that a room, a house or a cathedral has "good energy", if we use our hands or flower essences for "healing 22

23 Energy «, we are on a qualitative level. We experience positive or negative, healing or disturbing energy. The transition between the individual "energies" is fluid, but to make a general claim that "prana" is the same as "orgon" and "homeopathic information" is the same as "bach flowers" does not do justice to the matter. Not everything that is imperceptible is the same subtle energy. The difference becomes understandable with an analog picture. We know the difference between magnetism, gravity and electricity. Normally, none of the three forms of energy are directly perceptible to us because we have no sense organs for them. But we experience the differences between the three forms of energy very clearly through their specific effects. In the same way we can determine different subtle energies due to their different effects, and the more subtle these energies are, the more we can experience the effects only on the spiritual level. I would like to show you the different energies from the coarser to the finer levels, and we start with the physical energy "orgone". 23

24 24 Orgone and DOR atmospheric energy Circular waves are, as Wilhelm Reich describes them, free orgone energy that is not bound to matter. Once we discover this phenomenon, let's try to see orgone in different weather conditions. Orgone is most alive when the sky is deep blue and strong, bright white cumulus clouds (heap clouds near the earth) are in the sky, when the horizon is clearly visible and the groups of trees become darker (bluer) the further away they are. All of these are criteria for a lively, fresh atmosphere. On the other hand, orgone does not move as freely when the relative humidity is high and the sky is "hazy" or pale and blue-gray. There are no or only fibrous cumulus clouds in the sky. The horizon is white or brown to purple and black with haze. The groups of trees and bushes are the more whitish the further away they are. All of these are criteria for "dor" (deadly ORgone), as Reich called an energetic situation in which the earth's atmosphere freezes. DOR is the cause of desertification. DOR destroys all life. The soil loses the ability to feed micro-organisms, plant growth dies and the most highly developed plants, the trees, perish first. Reich described the phenomenon of tree death, which classical science has only been aware of since the 1970s, as early as the early 1950s, as a symptom of desertification in the northern latitudes, as a result of a worldwide DOR catastrophe. Orgone and DOR the degenerate form of orgone can be clearly seen visually. This coarsest of all subtle energies is so clearly visible that it can even be filmed or photographed. Orgone can be seen as a flowing, shaky movement over the horizon when the atmosphere is vital and charged (i.e. low relative humidity = less than about 50%). This flow of energy runs from west to east and is therefore easy to see on a clear day if we look north or south, however

25 only if there is no DOR in the atmosphere. (Then we see the whitish discoloration of the horizon.) This flow of atmospheric orgone is described by many as "heat shimmer" because it looks exactly like the trembling heat over a stove top. But the flow of the atmospheric orgone clearly runs laterally and not from bottom to top (this is how heat shimmer shows). We can see this phenomenon particularly well on freezing cold days of frost when the atmosphere is clear and, in absolute terms, very dry. (Cold air stores less humidity). The other phenomenon, DOR, is seen much more frequently than orgonotic flicker, and we can see many different forms. In our latitudes, DOR can be as clear as fog, and many people also consider DOR to be fog. But fog is always structured, never as monotonous and unmoved as DOR. If we have spent a holiday in the Mediterranean, the entire Mediterranean area belongs climatically to the Sahara desert, we can study very impressive DOR phenomena. The discoloration of the horizon will often go from dark gray to black. Often we see the sun sinking deep red and large on the horizon in the sea. And although there is not a single cloud in the sky, the sun's disk is cut by several black lines the closer it gets to the ocean horizon. The light from the sun is simply not transported by the DOR. There are no dust particles and there is no moisture (clouds), which partially eclipses the sun. It is the inability of the atmosphere to transport light under the action of DOR. Unlike the gyroscopic waves, all these phenomena can also be filmed or photographed, so they are physically and objectively present. Nevertheless, they do not belong to our »catalog of perceptions«. They are usually filtered out, ignored and interpreted away. You too will experience this if you tell someone for whom subtle energy simply does not exist. You point to the clearly visible DOR discoloration of the horizon, to the white-curtained trees and hedges and get to hear: »Oh that? Yes, that's just haze. What is haze? "You will ask and you will get the answer:" Well, humidity! But the relative humidity is just 70%, it can't possibly be fog. Well, that's it Smog. ”Perhaps the person opposite will react a little more irritably now, or if you are a woman and the person opposite is 25

26 is male They are given a condescending smile. They don't give up: “But I saw that in the desert and over the Mediterranean, there were definitely no industrial emissions. Well, then it's dust. Or it is a refraction of light. Yes, it is an optical illusion that is created by the refraction of the sunlight! ”You will see that it is difficult, almost impossible, to do“ persuasive work ”here. What I mean by that: it is a function of the mind, a question of our conviction, what we see, even and especially when the phenomenon is clearly visible. And depending on what our brain makes of a perception, the world is real to us. It would have unforeseen consequences if a phenomenon like DOR entered our cultural knowledge. Suddenly, “good weather” would no longer be “good”. It is the greatest environmental catastrophe that our earth has to struggle with: the cause of the global climate catastrophe and the destruction, i.e. devastation of all the foundations of life on earth.We will not discuss these phenomena any further here. I just want to advise you not to enter into disagreements about energy perception with anyone until you have finished reading this book. You have probably then lost the desire to want to argue with other people about what it is about when they do not bring their own experiences but only "opinions". What you can perceive personally should never be the subject of evaluation by other people who do not experience that perception. What should this lead to? The only rational outcome of such a discussion may be the other's admission that they do not know what is being talked about and that there is therefore no common ground for discussion. And if you discuss the reality of subtle energy perception with him / her, you will quickly lead a sham discussion, which is actually about questioning the people involved. This can not go well. What you can learn from the sham discussion that I have had for you at this point so that you do not fall into this trap: scientific and religious paradigms, i.e. irrefutable basic statements about natural functions, are deeply anchored in the collective consciousness and thus in the consciousness of each individual person . The paradigm shift in relation to subtle energy began a few decades ago. But it is far from over. 26th

27 Lesson 2 Seeing Energy: The DOR Index The Colors of Atmospheric Energy Preparation: Perhaps you have a clear view of the horizon from your home or workplace. If not, look for a place in your immediate vicinity that you come to as often as possible (e.g. on the way to your work), that is as high as possible and from which you have the broadest possible view of the horizon, preferably in the direction North or south. If you have binoculars, take them with you. Get a hygrometer or look for information about the relative humidity in the weather report. Exercise: Observe and note the following parameters and note them in the table on the next page. (Make photocopies of the following double page.) Result: You will find that certain parameters always coincide. Deep blue sky meets with a sharply visible horizon and powerful cumulus clouds. And only in this weather situation is the flow of orgone energy visible on the horizon. Unfortunately, this natural situation of the atmosphere has become very rare. You may have to wait months for this. Pale skies usually coincide with hazy horizons and absent or pathetic cumulus cloud formation (DOR). Duration and repetitions of the exercise: Make these observations conscientiously for over a month and get used to experiencing the energetic state of nature in this way. 27

28 Daily entries: date the relative humidity in% the color of the sky at the zenith: from deep blue (1) to light blue (2), gray-blue (3), gray (4) to white (5) (not the color of the clouds) the Color of the sky on the horizon: from deep blue (1) to white (5) like the sky and a gradation of different dirty colors from yellow (6) and brown (7) to purple (8) to black (9) the visibility of the horizon: from sharply recognizable (1) to blurred in the haze, whereby the visibility varies from more than 5 km, (2), approx. 3-5 km (3), approx. 1-3 km (2) and less than 1 km (5) . the color of the plants (trees) on the horizon: from dark blue-green (1) to white (5). The cloud formation: The cumulus clouds in the near-earth area are important. Cirrus clouds (high clouds) and cumulunimbus clouds (rain clouds) are rather irrelevant for this consideration. Observe whether there are cumulus clouds at all and how they are structured: compact, piled high, with clear delimitations (1) over different levels: fraying (2), blurring (3), undifferentiatedness (4), haze (5). (Distinguish between haze and mist. Fog has distinct structure, it is low-lying clouds. Haze has no structure.) Notice the flowing, shaky movement of energy over the horizon as it occurs. (x) = flow can be seen, (0) = no flow can be seen. Observe other living natural factors such as the sounds of animals. Observe the wind: is it invigorating or cutting, is the calm oppressive or lovely? Describe your feelings: dull, elated, euphoric, depressed etc. Please make an enlarged photocopy of the following page if you do not want to write in your book. 28

29 Day% relative humidity Color of the zenith Color of the horizon Visibility of the horizon Color of distant plants Cloud formation Orgone flow Observations 29

30 The emotional quality of atmospheric energy I have got used to observing the sky and registering how lively the atmosphere is or how great the DOR load is. In doing so, I discovered that my own sensitivities are related to these "atmospheric sensitivities". If you do so, you will experience the emotional difference between a fresh, deep blue sky, animated with heavy cumulus clouds, and an atmosphere frozen in a lead-gray veil of death from horizon to horizon. This is not a projection, it is a living difference. Do you hear the birds sing? Are you elated yourself? Do the leaves hang on the trees or do they stand proudly in the sky? We are inclined to say: “I'm just imagining it. I project my mood onto nature. ”That may indeed be the case. However, consider the reverse case as well. By experiencing the vitality of nature or its deadly threat, you actually enter into a first conscious energetic symbiosis with your environment. Let yourself be seized by the mood of nature, by its joy, its movement, its variety of colors and shapes, its vital expansion. Or experience their grief, their pain, their contraction. You can continue to practice these exercises to see nature in its energetic life for weeks, months and years, and you will always experience something new and surprising. It happened to me when I was in Greece a few years ago: I saw the DOR solidification and saw the pale, dusty-sad olive green that predominated in the vegetation. But something irritated me, I didn't know what. Suddenly the constant, almost uninterrupted chirping of the cicadas stopped, and I suddenly realized: I had equated this acoustic source, which seems very lively and vital, with our birdsong from northern latitudes. But now, when the cicadas were silent, I also "heard" the DOR, because there was no life

31 digits. There was no rustling of moving leaves, no twittering of birds, no splashing of water. The onset of the cicada calls sounded like a parody of real life: aggressive, demanding and hostile to life like cacti and hard desert plants that can withstand the drought of the DOR. There was no lush grass, and where grass grew it was almost white, dusty, and drooping sadly. And at that moment I became aware of the myth that is woven around the southern holiday world, around the supposed "paradise". This paradise has long since become an energetic hell. Perhaps you experience it differently. I don't want to impose my point of view on you. Review your own perceptions and clarify your emotional experience. Maybe you love Tunisia or Morocco and experience the desert in a completely different way. I would like to recommend an experiment so that you are sure what DOR is and how it is actually created in the body. However, I would like to ask you to dare this experiment only if you are largely healthy and can endure something that is harmful to your health. If you have heart problems or other serious health problems, skip this. DOR arises when natural life energy is overexcited. Reich accidentally produced this in an experiment (ORANUR = ORgon Against Nuclear Radiation) when he put a milligram of radium into an orgone accumulator. The same effect can be achieved by overexciting fresh orgone energy with strong electromagnetic stimuli. 31

32 Lesson 3 Feeling Energy: The Physical Experience of DOR Preparation: When you are feeling really good energetically, e.g. After a tent trip at the lake, a hike or a paddle tour, or after a weekend without e-smog, computer if you at least feel well rested, if you feel fresh and healthy inside, you should consciously go to a department store or an electronics market and be in the electrical department in front of the wall of ten, twenty, or thirty televisions running. Go in the afternoon or evening when the atmosphere in the department store is completely destroyed. Exercise: Stand directly in front of the wall with TV sets and stay there for about an hour. Experience consciously what is happening in your organism and observe your feelings and emotions. Result: The more vital you are when you enter this situation, the more severe you will experience the symptoms: headache, sweating, dizziness, nausea, head pressure. You may get aching limbs, or you may suddenly get tired or really angry. You are very likely to get thirsty and are just as likely to have an urge to stool or urinate if exposed to this atmosphere for 30 to 60 minutes. Perhaps after an hour and the tenth sweat you ask one of the salespeople quite naively: "You say, how do you hold out here all day?" And you will probably get a blank look and the counter question: "What do you mean by that ? «The organism adapts to its energetically destroyed environment. It works "on a smaller flame" and the psychological stress disappears after a few days when it has adapted. However, I believe that the pathogenic effects of this energetic descent 32

33 are clear: they are our "diseases of civilization" such as cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism and cancer. I can't prove it. Wilhelm Reich called these diseases "biopathies", the disease of living things. The "emotions" of nature, their expression of feeling, correspond to the liveliness of the atmosphere, and there is a direct, tangible connection between the liveliness of the atmospheric energy and the expressions of nature. Our own feelings are part of this living nature. Sources of error: If you do not notice these symptoms, you may be too exposed to DOR situations yourself. Not noticing DOR at this concentration is a sign of adapting to DOR an alarm signal Duration and repetitions of the exercise: Take an hour or two for the exercise, and you will probably never do it again. After such a cure for violence, you will know exactly what I mean by the "emotional quality" of energy. The best thing you can do now is go for a walk, take a long bath, and be very good to yourself. 33

34 The sound of orgone energy It is very easy to hear orgone energy. You hear orgone as a high "white noise". Do not worry about whether it is the blood circulation or the internal tension of the nerve cells or simply a suggestion of what you are going to hear. Basically everything is energy, whether it is thought or matter. The purely practical side of energy perception is important to us here, not the intellectual interpretation. The knowledge of what orgone energy is takes on a whole new status if we can perceive what we think and talk about ourselves. It should go without saying that doctors, naturopaths and body therapists and many others who work with subtle energy can also perceive it clearly. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Think about whether you would confide in a blind ophthalmologist or a deaf ear doctor. As we begin to perceive orgone energy, we begin to understand that our thoughts about it were mere projections that had little to do with reality. We cannot forbid ourselves to think, but we should learn to judge ourselves a little more critically and with a more detached attitude. Truths that only exist as abstract structures or as ethical ideals do not really exist. They are interchangeable thoughts. Orgone energy is perceptible experience. Like the air that surrounds us, it is real; it is not an intellectual concept. Wilhelm Reich said that truth is a bioenergetic function of our organism. What is true for us is what we experience with the senses and with the heart. In the Murder of Christ Reich writes: Truth is the full, direct contact between the living, which perceives, and the life, which is perceived. The more direct the contact is, the fuller the honest experience

35 And so the truth is a natural function in the interplay of the living and that which is lived. If we can perceive the orgone energy, even if this happens in a very simple and unspectacular way, we make contact with the energetic world. Our own vitality experiences the living energy. There is a world of our own here, of which we ourselves are a part, but which we have mostly forgotten since early childhood. For the still awake child, this energetic world may appear in the form of elves, fairies, and devas. For the scientist it is energy fields and auric bodies. For the religious man it is angels and bodhisattvas. We should be careful not to judge or even judge the energetic perception and knowledge of other people. It is only the results of our concepts that we certainly did not set up from knowledge of the energetic world. These concepts are the result of our ignorance. If we now begin to consciously perceive orgone energy, we should carry the significance of this process in our hearts and be aware of what we are doing here. We make contact with the very source of our own being, with the level on which everything that is living is interlinked in the most wonderful way. 35