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Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) match reports

Based on the teaching of @yzemaze, I am opening a new ASL post here, because the many other game reports but also announcements for new modules and questions are confused. Since I currently have a regular player for ASL over Vassal with @Sir Pech, I hope to be able to write regular game reports here in the future

For me the current game is the 8th, for Sir Pech the 2nd. So we are both still at the beginning, there is no claim to completely correct rules.

Scenario:ASL starter kit 1 scenario 2: War of the rats

Background: Stalingrad, Russia, September 26, 1942. The 6th Army of the Wehrmacht approaches Stalingrad and sends a raid to the city to take it over as quickly as possible. So far, the Russians have had to withdraw bit by bit, as the Germans also expect in Stalingrad. But the Russians do not give way. They deliver a bitter house-to-house fight to the Germans, which goes down in history as the "rat war" ...

Aim: The Germans must take control of 3 important buildings (marked with a gold V) within 6 rounds (12th moves), otherwise the Russians win.

[Blocked image:]

Lineup: The Russian begins the lineup. He must set up all his units south of the yellow hex fields. Then the German may set up, for him the set-up rule applies north of the yellow marked hexes. This means that only one street separates the opponents from the start (if both line up in front, which the Russian should never do ).

[Blocked graphic:]

Well, like I said ... he should never do it. @Warbear taught me this lesson years ago but if you don't want to hear ...

This is followed by the line-up of the Germans who also have the first move ...

[Blocked graphic:]

Now it is also easy to see what this scenario is all about: Support Weapons. The Russian has 2x LMGs and 1x MMG, the German comes with 3x LMGs, 1x MMG, 1x FT (Flamethrower) and 2x DCs (Demolition Charges). In addition, the Russian combats a great many bad units (Conscript). In the end, the Russian still has the hope of reinforcement, but this only comes into play when a die roll with 1d6 is less than the current number of rounds. With 6 rounds it may also be that this does not come at all ...

As you can see from the stacks, Sir Pech's plan seems to be to break through quickly on my right flank. Unfortunately, I aligned my support stack with the MMG in the background on the left or middle wing. Damn.

Train 1: Germans

[Blocked graphic:]

Unsurprisingly (thanks to my really bad line-up) the German has many good targets and is shooting from all pipes. Fortunately for me, the right flank holds up to some extent, so that the Germans cannot run straight across the street in the second lap. At least not entirely without resistance. 2 stacks were hit badly, K5 and H6 broke completely. K5 tries to regenerate at the front, H6 withdraws a little further.

Move 2: Russian

[Blocked graphic:]

After the messed up beginning, I had only 2 options: a headless offensive (little chance of success) or a partial retreat in order to get more cover from the superior German firepower. So I decided on the more sensible option and gave up the front line. At the same time, my support stack moved to the right flank, still looking for goals. It seems very doubtful whether the units on L5 will come into play again ...

Now it was time to wait for the Germans ... the rats were ready

Train 3: Germans

[Blocked graphic:]

As expected, the Germans came across the street fluxx, but they forgot their smoke grenades. This enabled my right wing to break and throw back some attacking units. But the pressure on the left and the middle is growing extremely. The important question for me is whether and when my reinforcement will come and the broken units may come back. A small ray of hope: 2x of the 3x German LMG are currently out of order. Maybe the FT will also give up soon

I am definitely looking forward to the sequel and never give up. For mother Russia