How do I remove a deployed airbag


• Airbags and belt tensioners that have not been deployed beforehand can deploy when disposed of and cause serious injuries. Always read the 'DISPOSAL OF AIRBAG AND BELT TENSIONER' and dispose of airbags and seat belt tensioners when they have been triggered.
• The airbags and seat belt pretensioners are very hot as soon as they are deployed. You can get burned. Do not touch the airbag or seat belt tensioner for at least 15 minutes after they have been deployed.
• It is dangerous to spill water on the deployed airbags and pretensioners. Otherwise vapors are formed in connection with the gas residues, which can cause breathing difficulties. Therefore, do not pour water on the deployed airbags and seat belt tensioners.
• The deployed airbag and seat belt tensioner may contain caustic sodium hydroxide residues after they have been deployed by gas. If they get on the skin or in the eyes, redness and itching are possible. It is therefore essential to wear protective gloves and goggles when handling deployed airbags and seat belt tensioners.
• Due to a two-stage, impact-dependent deployment of the driver and front passenger airbags, gas generator No. 2 may not respond when deployed. Always perform the inflator deployment procedures and ensure inflator # 1 and # 2 deployment before disposing of the airbag.

1. Remove the deployed airbag or belt tensioner.

2. Put the deployed airbag or seat belt pretensioner in a plastic bag, seal it, and then discard.