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Helena was the Queen of Sparta, mother of Atlanta, and the mistress of Paris from Troy, who abducted her, which started the Trojan War.

Appearances [edit | Edit source]

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Helena's life is shown in flashbacks of Helen. You can see how Helena confesses that she is pregnant by Paris and is then almost killed by Menelaus, and then Aphrodite utters a curse that extinguishes all love in the world if there will never be descendants of her sister again.

one shows how Helena and her young daughter Atlanta go to the camps outside the walls of Troy at night to bring Brisei's food; the two discuss the possible tyrant little Atlanta could be. Both Briseis and Helena are unhappy and worried. The third and final flashback shows a memory of Helena the night Troy falls. She made a pact with Odysseus that her daughter would be spared, in exchange for all of Troy. Helena suffered terribly from this decision, especially since the Greeks killed her entire family, including her beloved Paris. Nevertheless, Helena felt compelled to do this out of love for her daughter, but also because Aphrodite's curse would then have unfolded. It is not known what will become of her later, but it is assumed that she was sent back to Menelaus and led a miserable life.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Helen of Troy was a compassionate, kind-hearted young woman, and often selfless. She and Paris loved each other very much, and she wanted peace to reign. Helena would have done anything for her daughter, which in the end was also her most difficult and at the same time most terrible act.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Like Helen, she is very tall and has long blonde hair. Her eyes are brown, with a white-blue scar in the right one that has the shape of a lightning bolt and she was the first to wear the 'face that moves a thousand ships'. In addition, like Helen, she looks like Zeus.

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Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Atlanta [edit | Edit source]

Helena's love for her daughter is so great that she even betrays her family, her great love Paris and Troy, in order to protect the little girl and the world from the abandonment of love by Aphrodite.

Paris [edit | Edit source]

Helena's and Paris 'love is a love that is not allowed, not only because Helena is Menelaus' wife, but because the two are also Scions from different houses. It is painful for Helena to leave her beloved Paris.

In the "Fall of Troy" it is difficult for her to leave Paris to certain death, but she hopes that through their daughter something of Paris will survive.

Aphrodite [edit | Edit source]

Aphrodite's love for her half-sister Helena is so strong that she places her above her own son Aeneas. For her sister she curses the people who wounded her sister and saves them from them and she says that her sister Helena is the only thing she still loves on earth. Therefore, when her sister's face no longer exists on earth, there should also be no more love in the world.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • First wearer of the Cestus and the Face that moves a thousand ships
  • She was married to Menelaus against her will and did not have a happy marriage to him because he tried to kill her after she told him about her love affair with Paris of Troy
  • Helena was the half-sister of Aphrodite and had an intimate bond with the goddess

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