Which is better PIC or AVR


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    PIC vs. AVR what's the difference?

    I wanted to know what the difference between a PIC and an AVR ..... if there is one in this sense. what is "better" if I may ask that.

    why do some use an AVR, others a PIC?
    can PICs do more? or are they equivalent? would like to hear his opinion, if one knows from personal experience.

    i know my way around AVR myself and have also built a robot with it.
    I myself think the AVR's are really great, and I get along well with them. clearly there are problems .. but so far everything has been solved.

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  2. 31.10.2006, 00:21#2
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    I think everything is already mentioned in the thread (or was it just still active and discussing twice would be pointless)

  3. 31.10.2006, 15:09#3
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    Hello raptor

    in terms of the range of services, they are pretty similar. However, the PICs are older. Especially the PIC16 cannot keep up with AVR's. The newer PIC18s are probably on par with AVR and Co. In our work we also use PICs, but now I use the 16-bit PIC30.


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