What challenges you

When life challenges you

What do you do when you have to face a challenge that pushes you to your own limits?

Do you see the chance for further development?

What a letter can do: The day before yesterday I received a letter. Well, not just any letter, but an important letter for me. An invitation to an appointment. Oh dear ... At first I just put it away because I knew it would come at some point. Acted cool that it wouldn't affect me at all. No one else could have noticed that I had received this letter. And I pretended that nothing would change as a result. But that wasn't true.

And that's why I gradually became more dissatisfied.

At the same time slowly the thoughts began to rotate. I imagined various horror scenarios. Then I became even more sad. It would certainly be very bad. That made me lethargy. At first I didn't do anything anymore. There was no point in that. It would only get worse no matter what I did.

But that got my mind up and running and I started rotating.


Wasn't there a way out after all?


I searched the Internet for hours, did the math and looked for possible alternatives. I was even ready to look at the strangest possible solutions. But I was not satisfied with it. No, I would even be willing to give up my heart project.


Just so I could avoid this pain.


But then I stopped. What did i do there? It all happened more or less unconsciously. And then it came to my attention. Because I know the phases during such changes well. I started watching myself.

I realized what had happened.


But I didn't judge myself, I became gentle. Compassionate to myself. And began to face this pain. Since I had done that before, it wasn't that difficult anymore. Yes, it hurt a little, but that pain was also slowly subsiding. And yes, I was still reacting in my familiar way. But I also knew why. And so I could begin to see the situation anew. To see completely new alternative courses of action. To know and trust that no matter what is decided there in this appointment, I can continue to live well. From this knowledge I suddenly knew that I could only win. Most of all, I gained confidence and joy. Out of myself. Because the external situation had not changed. Anyway, my suffering was only caused by my thoughts and ideas.


Sometimes life challenges you a lot.

Out of your comfort zone.

Where you feel good

Where you know your way

How do you react then

  • Don't you want to admit it?
  • Do you suffer quietly and dumbly?
  • Do you blame others
  • Are you blaming yourself
  • Do you rotate to find a solution (to stop this pain, of course ...)?
  • Or can you be quiet and watch yourself for once?
  • Which of your usual reactions may be out of date and in urgent need of change?
  • What do you want to avoid at all costs?
  • Can you feel what exactly is so painful?
  • What happens when you face this pain?
  • How can you possibly react very differently, much better than before?
  • Can you change your perspective
  • What happens then?

Let these questions affect you a little and find your own answers.
It may take some time before you are ready to face your current challenge.