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What should I look out for when buying a new bed? - Our tips for making decisions

At the very latest, when the night's sleep becomes torture, you should think about buying a new bed. But also a changed life situation, the move to another home or simply the desire for a brand new bedroom tempt you to buy a new bed.
However, since choosing the right place to sleep is a personal and sensitive matter, many people ask themselves what to consider when buying a new bed. Because in addition to the individual taste, sleep in the furniture to be purchased should in the future be extraordinarily restful.
Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when choosing your individual dream bed!

The inventory - determine your personal needs:

If you are thinking about buying a new bed, you should first of all calm down. What is currently available in the bedroom? Which furniture should be kept? What is disturbing about the current sleeping situation, what do you like? Is it enough to replace the previous mattress - or should a completely new bedroom provide fresh momentum?

The current life situation can also be reflected on. Choosing one Single bed requires different attributes of the product than the acquisition of one Double bed. Does the offspring come to visit at night and is the double bed perhaps even converted into a family bed? Is functionality more important or should it be cozy above all? What current disruptive factors should be excluded? And what could be optimized?

An investment in the bedroom should not be made on a whim, but should be part of an honest decision-making process. It doesn't hurt to include personal quirks as well. Many people nowadays also use the bed as a specific place of retreat. Then it has to be so flexible and solid that you can have breakfast, make phone calls, read or relax in it to your heart's content.

Which bed do i need?

When looking for the right bed, there are three basic criteria that must be taken into account and are equally important for whether a bed frame is suitable for a person.

  • the physique of the person
  • the spatial possibilities
  • the character of the person

Choosing the right place to sleep is crucial when it comes to the effective regeneration of body and mind after a grueling day. As a first step, it helps to identify the category of bed you and yours need physical demands agrees.

Beds for tall people

Very tall people have special demands on their sleeping place. In a bed with the standard length of 200 cm, it is often not possible to fully stretch one's limbs. Inevitably, a reliever posture is adopted, which in the medium to long term can lead to postural damage and other complaints. In general, the following rule of thumb applies:

Body height + 20 cm = length of the lying surface

For this reason, most bed frames are also available in excess lengths of 210 cm and 220 cm. So tall people do not have to compromise when choosing the bed they want.

Extra-long beds in the online shop

Beds for heavy people

Heavier people, on the other hand, enjoy more space in an XXL bed. Such bed frames are designed to be extremely robust and can therefore also face greater loads with ease. Please note, however, that you must optimize all components of the sleeping area for the necessary weight range. What use is it if the bed frame and mattress are suitable for up to 150 kg, but the slatted frame you choose bends over from 120 kg? In our online shop you will find beds for heavy people, specially designed slatted frames and mattresses, and you can put together a comfortable place to sleep.

Beds for overweight people in the online shop

Beds for seniors

Seniors appreciate the easy entry and exit in an ergonomically adapted bed frame with a raised seating position. There are models with particularly high bed sides that make going to bed in the evening and getting up in the morning particularly easy on the back. Raised head and foot sections ensure that the bed linen cannot slip and always stays in place.

Senior beds in the online shop

If you have made this selection on the basis of your physical requirements, then it is also yours Premises to be included in your considerations. The bed should not only suit you, it should also suit your bedroom. There are several things to consider in your train of thought:

Beds with additional storage space

Often the bedroom has too little space and no expansive wardrobe can be set up that can accommodate all your clothes. In such a case, the necessary space for stowing bedding etc. must be created elsewhere. If you want additional storage space in the bedroom, you will favor buying a functional bed with lots of drawers. Here, the space under the lying surface is used quite simply to obtain additional space for accommodation. Most of these storage space beds have one or two drawers that can be easily pulled out from under the bed; some can also be retrofitted using separately available bed drawers.

Storage beds in the online shop

Beds for rooms with sloping ceilings

Architectural features of the bedroom must also be considered when buying a bed. For example, there are special low futon beds that fit perfectly under sloping ceilings. Alternatively, loungers are particularly suitable for conjuring up a cozy bedroom out of such rooms. These are full-fledged bed frames that deliberately do without a headboard. These models are also an interesting choice for people who do not use their bed to sit.

Beds for sloping ceilings in the online shop

Guest beds for overnight guests

Guest beds are single bed frames that primarily have to be functional. Consider buying a guest bed - your visit will thank you if they don't have to spend the night on the couch. Guest beds are usually space-saving and can even be found in small guest rooms; some models can also be stowed away if necessary thanks to innovative folding mechanisms.

Guest beds in the online shop

Last but not least, a bed is an expression of your personality and should be your own character reflect. The individual need for comfort is also an important criterion, so for some people it is extremely important that their bed has a softly upholstered headboard, while others can do without it.
The third step is to include the personality in the decision-making process.

Designer beds for a modern ambience

Modern designer beds, on the other hand, take a completely different direction. They play with basic geometric shapes and combine them to create an elegant appearance. Often cool colors and decorative chrome elements are used, which give the bed its contemporary character. Designer beds cut a particularly good figure in stylishly furnished loft apartments, as they complete the modern ambience

Designer beds in the online shop

Solid wood beds with rustic charm

For lovers of furnishings with natural charm, solid wood beds are the furniture of their choice. Different types of wood with pronounced grain and structure gradients on the surface make the bedroom particularly cozy and inviting. Especially living rooms and bedrooms in the trendy country house style are given the finishing touches with a bed made of solid wood. Another plus point: Solid wood beds are usually extremely robust and durable furniture that the buyer will find pleasure in for many years.

Solid wood beds in the online shop

Upholstered beds as a cozy and soft retreat

If, on the other hand, you like it cozy in the bedroom and see your bed as a personal oasis of calm from everyday stress, you are well advised to choose an upholstered bed. The entire bed frame is covered with soft woven fabrics or synthetic or real leather and invites you to linger. Upholstered frames prevent a hard seat edge and make the upholstered bed the first choice for people with a cozy disposition.

Solid wood beds in the online shop

Electrically adjustable beds

For example, anyone who laboriously builds a pillow tower in the neck every evening and also uses the bed as a midday relaxation oasis could think about a bed that can be electrically adjusted. There are two ways in which you can integrate such comfort in your bedroom. A normal bed can be equipped with an electrically adjustable slatted frame - alternatively, you can think about a box spring bed with adjustment options, both variants offer individually adjustable reclining positions that make everyday life much more comfortable.

Electric box spring beds in the online shop

Four-poster beds for dreamy romantics

Of course, there are also rooms that give you complete freedom in choosing your bed. Apartments in old buildings in particular often have very high rooms, which you can fully exploit. Here you have the opportunity to live out your character to the full. If you have always dreamed of a romantic four-poster bed, then just let this dream come true. Unusual four-poster beds create an airy atmosphere in the bedroom. Contrary to popular belief, this type of bed is available in a wide variety of variants - whether a frame made of metal or wood, with a four-poster bed you make your bedroom something very special.

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The fine interplay of mattress and slatted frame


Often the question arises as to whether the old slatted frame cannot simply be reused. After all, the bulky frame is visually irrelevant and only reveals its real function at second glance. Should you spend money on it? However, the merits are one mattress clear to the user. It should be soft and adaptable, but also relieve the body and ensure a comfortable sleep overall. However, it can only do this to perfection if the print transfer and a certain fine-tuning from below are guaranteed.

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Slatted frames

If you invest in a new mattress, the surface should therefore always be adjusted accordingly. Because only with the right combination of mattress and Slatted frame this also results in an optimal sleeping situation. A contemporary grate gives the lying surface the decisive stability. He intervenes from below in the different zones of the mattress and basically cooperates with them. A high-quality mattress is of no use if the surface is not right. The slats can now be adjusted more finely than the mattress itself.

This is essential above all for the long service life of the mattress and increases the comfort of the bed immensely. Because it is not uncommon for sleeping habits to change. For example, while you spend the summer months lying on your back under light bed linen, you want to be able to crawl into the mattress in the darker months of the year. Even during pregnancy, when the offspring visits the bed at night or if you stay in the bedroom for a longer period during an illness, the demands on the surface change temporarily. These very different possibilities of use can be adjusted variably and repeatedly with a suitable slatted frame. If the grate and mattress are functionally coordinated, the result is a long and comfortable service life.

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More convenience with the right accessories

If the bed frame, slatted frame and mattress are coordinated, you can start thinking about a suitable mattress topper. A textile overlay is interesting when it is intended to add further utility value. You can choose from classic mattress covers, hygienic mattress protectors and the popular toppers, which are now not only used in box spring systems, but are also used for normal sleeping systems.


Toppers come from the American area and were originally developed as part of a box spring bed. A topper is generally on top of the mattress. Ideally, it connects two mattresses lying next to each other and creates a continuous sleeping area. Above all, toppers ensure luxurious sleeping comfort at night.

Toppers in the online shop

Mattress pads

Mattress toppers, on the other hand, are also placed on top of the mattress, but primarily meet high hygienic requirements. They are available in different versions. Mostly they are made from proven molton. Such covers can protect the mattress from moisture and dirt, are optionally water-repellent or absorbent, or offer protection against the colonization of mites, bacteria and fungi. A suitable mattress protector is often bought in addition to a high-quality mattress in order to extend the service life.

Mattress toppers in the online shop

Mattress protectors

In addition, it is often advisable to protect the underside of the mattress with an additional mattress protector. This textile underlay is placed on the slatted frame and helps ensure that nothing slips, rubs or is pushed through the slats. The mattress protector also protects the surface of the mattress from possible rippling on the wooden slats and thus also extends the life of the mattress.

Mattress protectors in the online shop

Keep your eyes open when buying a bed

Finally, we would like to present you with a brief summary of the relevant questions that you should ask yourself before or when buying a new bed.
If you go through this checklist in turn and can answer each question for yourself, you will get a picture that will help you make a decision.

Checklist: What do I really need?

  • Why am I not sleeping well at the moment?: What about my current bed I don't like or find uncomfortable?
  • What specific needs do I have: Which purchase is necessary in every case for sleeping pleasure, but what can be neglected?
  • The usage habits: Who sleeps in it and how flexibly should the sleeping place be in the long term? Do children or pets come to bed with you or should you be able to browse through it?
  • The sleeping habits: In which position do I fall asleep and how do I wake up? Is it easy for me to get up then? Does something hurt? Which areas of the body should be optimally relieved from the mattress in the future?
  • Desired care properties: Are moisture and dirt repellent pads necessary? How hygienic should sleep be?

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