Will my myopia be reversed?

What is the scientific opinion on plus lens therapy?

The human eye is dynamic and always represents its visual environment. Why was myopia so rare in early mankind but so present now?

It can't just be caused by genetics. The worst thing you can do is wear your full minus lens prescription while you work near work. If you think of how your myopia started in the beginning (a lot of near-work) and then wear your minus (unfortunately often overpredicted), you are back in your "initial state". And the cycle repeats itself - over and over again.

When reversing myopia, you need to consider prevention as well. If you do a lot of work nearby (long term), wear plus lenses to protect your eyes. It makes your eyes look into the distance, effectively relaxing your eyes.

Try the following: Measure your Snellen score, then work near work for about 3 hours, then check your Snellen again. You will see that your vision will deteriorate (temporarily in this case). If you continue, your eyes will adjust and become nearsighted.

Unfortunately, plus lens therapy is not mainstream. Often times people say "it doesn't help" or "it causes cataracts" and so on. However, the therapy must be used over a long period of time. Think of it as a "long term diet".


Can you back up your claims with decent research?


Welcome to the Biology Stack Exchange. We usually ask for answers to back up their conclusions and I can't find the references you added in your first sentence. I would also suggest that you change the style of the answer. The capital letters and bold text make the answer look confrontational and the overall tone of the answer seems very opinion-based.