Is rent received a direct debit

Rent by direct debit?

Basically nothing speaks against paying by direct debit. However, you must note on the direct debit authorization what the money can be collected for, that it can only be made once a month in one sum and the absolute amount.

Make sure with your credit institute that it is still the case that unauthorized direct debits can be returned within a certain period of time. Your bank may also be able to give you a ready-made form. Then that shouldn't be a problem.

But what you have no influence on with a direct debit is the time of the debit. So your landlord submits his claim within a month if he wants to. So you always have to make sure that your account has adequate funds.

Your landlord sees the particular advantage here that he does not have to check whether you have paid, but rather that he determines the time of payment. If the claim is justified, he does not have to expect the direct debit to be returned.

Of course, you can refuse to authorize you to direct debit. If your tenancy has existed for a long time and this type of rental payment was not agreed in the rental agreement, you do not have to respond to this request from your landlord if you do not want to. However, if you still want to have the apartment, then the payment method could be a criterion for renting.