What are some examples of dyadic communication



The smallest and easiest social entity is the dyad: man and woman, Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet. The dyadic relationship is not limited to love relationships or the institution of marriage; it can also take the form of friendship. Among heterosexuals there is […] the one male “best friend” or the “best friend” outstanding from the group of female friends. [Welt am Sonntag, 21.08.2011, No. 34]

A special feature of the couple relationship is the close social and emotional bond between two people. This means that stress is no longer only felt individually but also dyadically, that is, together, and is felt and dealt with. On the one hand, dyadic stress can be experienced indirectly, i.e. by only one partner outside the relationship, or it can have a direct effect on the dyad. [Aware - Magazin für Psychologie, 09.03.2015, accessed on 14.09.2018]

Sigmund Freud assumed that children up to the age of four are only capable of so-called dyadic constellations - couple relationships with a single person, namely the mother. In the oedipal conflict, the father then steps in [...] and opens the mother-child dyad to the mother-father-child triad, a relationship triangle. [Die Zeit, 07.01.2008, No. 02]

Moderately traditional postmodernism sort [...] »discourses« or explain »culture as text« until the acting persons have disappeared. Rabiatere [humanities scholars] dismantle, of all things, the »everyday dyadic communication«, in German the private chat, using sociological means […]. [Der Spiegel, 09.03.1998, No. 11]

Instead of becoming independent, young adults often choose the dyadic fixation: the couple relationship becomes an opportunity to cope with the transition phase between youth and adulthood. "Nobody has to interfere with my decisions, I decide - in consultation with my friend - what I want to do and what not to do!" [Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 25.01.1996]