How should i clean vintage clothes

Like new: How you can easily freshen up vintage fashion


Second-hand clothes have a story and you can usually see (and smell) that too. Three solutions to three problems.

Vintage fashion is sustainable and inexpensive. It is particularly great that the parts are often unique. With second-hand clothes, it doesn't happen so quickly that your work colleague or best friend suddenly walks around with the same item.

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Vintage clothes have a story - you can tell by looking at them, sometimes you can even smell it. With these three tips you can freshen up your new old treasures.

So-called pilling occurs when loosened fibers clump together to form small balls due to friction. Battery-operated lint shavers are available in electronics stores for less than 20 francs. However, you can also carefully run a normal razor over the fabric to remove the pebbles. So that no new pilling forms, you should not put your clothes in the tumbler if possible and turn them inside out before each wash.

Have you ever noticed that many vintage shops and Brockis smell similar? Some second-hand clothes somehow smell like a basement - airing them out doesn't help. If the part is suitable for the washing machine, you can add some baking soda to counter the smell. For blazers or coats, you simply put some vodka in a spray bottle and spray it on the garment. The unpleasant smell evaporates with the alcohol. Then let the clothes dry outside in the fresh air, that helps additionally.

3. Sanded shoes or bags made of leather

Used accessories sometimes look a bit worn out. The leather is dirty, brittle and maybe even has mini cracks. Put some baby shampoo or mild soap in lukewarm water and gently clean the surface with a soft cloth. Let the bag or shoes dry for a day (just don't put them in the sun). Then you care for the leather, for example by putting Vaseline on a microfiber cloth and using circular movements to moisturize the material again. To keep leather from becoming brittle, you should repeat this process about every six months.

What tip did we forget? Do you have any ideas how to get vintage clothes fresh again? Share it with us in the comments!