What color is Caucasian skin

Better term for “skin color” on pencils

Many sets of children's crayons or felt-tip pens contain a color that mimics the skin color of fair-skinned people. It is a kind of reddish beige. In contrast to all other colors, which can be used in many ways depending on the motif, in my experience this color is used almost exclusively for painting faces and bodies. The common name I know is "skin color" or "skin color".

Obviously, this naming is only correct from the perspective of fair-skinned people. The use of this name implies that there is a single normal skin color and that people with different skin colors deviate from this norm.

For this reason I would like to suggest a different name for this color to my children. Unfortunately, I can't think of a name that is both apt and concise:

  • It is neither pink nor beige.
  • "Pink beige" or "reddish beige" sounds awkward to me.

Does anyone have any advice on how to call this color meaningful?

asked Feb 3 '20 at 19:08

Daniel Wolf Daniel Wolf

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