What is search engine placement

Search engine optimization / SEO

As Search engine optimization or SEO (English for Search Engine Optimization) refers to all measures that are suitable for improving the placement of a website in the organic search results of search engines and thus increasing traffic.

The peculiarity of this marketing strategy lies on the one hand in the high value of search engine traffic due to the proximity to the campaign. On the other hand, SEO is the only marketing strategy that can keep delivering traffic for a long time, even if no more is invested in it.

Important components of search engine optimization include the creation or improvement of relevant and unique content, the use of appropriate keywords, title tags or meta descriptions and internal linking on the website. In particular, links from other sites that lead to your own are essential for a good ranking.

Google, as the leading search engine, tries to evaluate websites with the help of an algorithm according to the standards of a human reader. The ranking is also set up according to these criteria.

Search engine optimization can therefore potentially deliver very cheap and therefore profitable traffic. However, nowadays the competition is correspondingly strong and the demands of search engines for high-quality content mean that SEO is becoming more and more expensive and therefore less profitable.

With the rapid increase in mobile searches, the approach to SEO must also be changed or at least adapted. In addition, it should be emphasized that an optimization should not be carried out once, but recurrently in order not only to improve the ranking on search engines temporarily, but also to influence it sustainably.

The two main topics in SEO are on-page and off-page SEO (see link building). From Google's focus on unique, value-added content, content marketing has grown as a related discipline.