What can corruption do to a country?

the political dimension of corruption. or: what can correction do to a democratic system?

The bibliography IBZ has been the leading international and interdisciplinary reference work documenting academic periodical literature in the humanities, social sciences and related fields for over a hundred years. The spectrum of subjects covered is unrivaled: in no other database are academic journals from so many fields covered.

The IBZ serves the purpose of documenting and indexing the most recent scientific articles. The bibliography focuses on German and international periodicals of the humanities and social sciences but the interdisciplinary character - with deliberate intersections into the natural sciences - needs to be emphasized. Publications from 40 countries in more than 40 languages ​​are taken into consideration.

The articles are analyzed for subject content. You will have instant access to a multiplicity of topics irrespective of the original language of an indexed article.

The bibliographical indexation results from a system of subject headings and therefore exceeds the usual possibilities of electronic database searches. This system is constantly updated and expanded with regard to new scientific tendencies / topics etc. Consequently, the subject heading system is especially essential for the indexation of articles of the humanities and social sciences, whose titles are often very metaphoric, so that the content cannot directly be deduced from the article title.

Users can search for subject headings in German and English. The documentation according to the keyword norm file, the person norm file (German National Library) and German / English specialized encyclopedias as well as the consequential involvement of international librarians, scientists and academics is the unique selling point of the bibliography.

Foreign-language articles (e.g. Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Norwegian etc.) are made accessible as well with the help of the German / English keyword system, which means that users do not have to search these languages ​​individually.

Different research possibilities (subject heading / reference / abstract / language / year of publication etc.) enable the users to focus their search as well as to follow the development of certain fields with the help of the oversight of the articles.

The database IBZ Online now lists more than 4.66 million journal articles from 11,500 journals. Every year some 132,000 entries are added. The database is updated weekly.

IBZ Online includes abstracts for 620,000 articles as of November 2020. Journal issues from past years are also considered.

Each entry includes the following information:

  • Title of article
  • Author
  • Journal (title, year of publication, year, number and page number)
  • Languages ​​of articles and available abstracts
  • Subject heading and reference in German and English
  • Subject field of the article and the journal
  • Publisher
  • Abstracts