Economists can become accountants

Business administration professions in the field of controlling / accounting / tax advice / auditing

Together with business administration professions in the field of marketing or sales, the field of controlling and accounting is the largest in terms of the demand for business administration graduates. Around 60 to 70 percent of all job vacancies across all industries can be found on job exchanges. Accordingly, there are also many different fields of activity. We have researched typical job examples for you.

As a controller, you make a decisive contribution to the company's success, because you have an overview of the entire set of figures and control corporate goals. In addition, the job has nothing to do with the boring bean counter image that is attributed to it. Controllers are very important in companies because they do not allow themselves to be misled by the "ingenious" visions of the management, but keep an eye on the exact facts.

Typical tasks

  • Creation and maintenance of internal and external reporting including deviation analyzes
  • Support in developing individual reports and profitability calculations
  • Participation in the preparations for budget negotiations and business plans

As an accountant, you take on the organizational responsibility for business bookkeeping and accounting, either alone or in a team. and define the bookkeeping system and the structure of the bookkeeping. In finance, accountants create short-term financial plans and guarantee the company's liquidity by monitoring the development of income and expenses, for example by always keeping an eye on incoming and outgoing invoices.

Typical tasks

  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS and HGB as well as national sales tax advance returns
  • Contact person for our areas of controlling and group accounting as well as for auditors and tax auditors

Securing financing, controlling payments, managing counterparty risks and hedging risks - treasurers are very important for medium-sized and large companies. As "treasurer" in the company, they monitor the existing and incoming financial resources. In addition, cash managers take on a leading role in negotiations with banks and maintain contacts with the capital markets. Your goal: to invest the money in the bank in such a way that it is not eaten up by the investment, but is still available for investments at certain times.

Typical tasks

  • Implementation of the cash flow planning
  • Creation of treasury reports for other departments and the management
  • Analysis of the current and future expected liquidity status as well as the resulting liquidity planning

Auditor / Internal Auditor

The analysis and evaluation of internal business processes with regard to correctness, profitability and efficiency - this is how the job description of auditors can be described. You are an internal consultant for legal, financial and work organization processes. Since internal auditing is primarily about overseeing and assessing complex company structures and processes, a sound business education is essential for this profession.

Typical tasks

  • Planning, preparation and implementation of internal audits, documentation of the results
  • Issuing recommendations for action or optimization proposals to management
  • Development of improved testing methods

As advisors in all tax law and business management issues, tax advisors have an important function of trust. It is important to know that tax advisors have a high level of responsibility. If you make mistakes in accounting or in advising companies or individuals, this can have far-reaching consequences. But it is precisely this responsibility and the very limited access to the profession via the dreaded tax advisor exam that is so interesting for business administration graduates. From self-employment to management consulting, there are a wide variety of career opportunities.

Typical tasks

  • Process and prepare tax returns, check tax assessments, raise objections, bookkeeping
  • Advising clients on tax law matters
  • Representation of clients in relation to financial administration, courts and tax authorities

The job of auditor is the next step in your career after having worked as a tax consultant for a few years. You can still become a certified public accountant without prior appointment as a tax advisor, but 90 percent of the candidates in the auditor's examination are already tax consultants. As an auditor you enjoy a prominent position, for example you can be appointed as an appraiser by the court or manage your assets on a fiduciary basis. Corporate and tax consulting are also part of the area of ​​responsibility in this typical business administration profession.

Typical tasks

  • Carrying out economic reviews such as annual accounts and balance sheets
  • Advising clients on tax law matters
  • Analysis of the overall economic situation of a company and advice

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